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kiri 2008-12-11 10:44:45


my son is in pre nursery. we have got complaint from the school that he dosent at all write. even i tried but he dosent want to hold the pencil itself. we tried every thing from telling stories, bringing gifts if he writes,  at last scholding but nothing is working out,i am very much worried. If someone have better way to tackle the sitution kindly let me know. Thank u.  

Sumo 2008-12-11 12:19:53



I am not an expert in this area but expecting a child to hold a pencil properly / write in pre-nursery is a bit early, isn't it?  As a mom, I am surprised that a school expects children at this age to do this; you should talk to them and understand the actual issue. 

What I know is that, the fine motor skills may not have developed at all at this stage to hold a pencil/crayon properly ;  and the child will have various other interesting activities to explore.  Slowly, as they grow, they will get mastery over the art of holding a pencil/crayon and till then, I dont think it is wise to force the child.  You may end up frustrated and in the process, frustrating and possibly creating a hatred for colouring / writing by your child.   Please wait and give the child time; he/she will see the classmates /peers doing it and automatically get interested.     Surely, you will be surprised at how they pick up things when the age/time is appropriate.   And do not get carried over by complaints like this or by comparisons to other children;  every child is different and has different milestones;  as a parent, you know the best about your child !  Give that feeling to the child and support him/her, is what I would say.




mango_mama 2008-12-11 16:28:44



Prenursery would mean that your boy is 3 or 4. Right? Please please do NOT worry. Boys always take time writing. My son was 4.5 last year and hated to write. The school and I were patient (my second child you see so was more relaxed and had perspective). And this year all of a sudden is showing an interest in writing. Now is 5.5 and writing cursive beautiful and with NO pressure or input from at least my side. I know many other cases like this. So, the moral of the story is DO NOT WORRY. As Sumo says, WHEN the time is ripe, you will see a dramatic difference though.

There was a time though when 2 years back was worried (like you) and got some input:

- Let him play with playdoh (good for fine motor skills--writing requires these)

- Get those toys where they have big beads and they put thread through these. I think Creatives makes those. Those are good for fine motor skills as well.

- Keep chalk and big  blackboard or slate handy. They can play teacher teacher.

- Get those magna doodle. Magnetic slate. You could even keep in the car and he might use when bored in the car.

- Keep lots of crayons and colours and blank paper handy. Just doodling and drawing wildly also prepares them for writing.

- Do NOT pressurize him at all. For a few days forget about it. Give him a break. Have seen this with both my kids. The more you pressurize, the worse it gets.

- PLEASE talk to his school that in prenursery are they supposed to be interested in writing?

Hang in there.


kiri 2008-12-12 10:32:34


thanks a lot for ur replies i feel very much relaxed now. thanku


snhemalatha 2008-12-24 14:37:57


Hey..your inputs are really really valuable. Thanks a lot for sharing with us. Its really helpful for me


kiri 2009-07-15 18:52:39


hello  every one,

my son is in lkg and i am surprised to see him write on his own with tremendous amt of enthu and intrest thanks to all who guided me during my tough times thanku.


Ratnam 2009-08-27 01:08:53


Dear  friends

We are facing same problem . Our son is 3yrs n 9Months .he writes alphabets n numders n plain paper , but not ready to write n four line copy of Number excersise note book. He s n Jr K.G (ICSE ) .

But does all other activities related to all subjects including alphabets n numbers . when he writes in four line copy or number note book writing sometimes s like mirror image or tilted to one side or upside down . Teacher s telling , he s very intelligent child as we are not giving him practice for writing he s not writing properly. At home he s not ready to write. The same kid is writing very nicely when he is in mood .

What can be the reason for this atitude?




sun2009 2009-09-06 10:27:21



While selecting pencil/crayon always go for fat ones so that it is easy for them to hold it. In the begining sketch pen will be better than crayons.




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