Pain Free Baby Birthing

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SAHHEAL 2009-08-23 00:03:38


Birthing is natural & common to all living organisms and yet in humans like all others, we have associated birthing with pain, complications and the signs of illness & disease.


A woman’s body is naturally equipped to effectively handle the changes brought about by child birth.


Fear of childbirth, labour pains and horrors in the labour rooms are stories common to most families. Yet we forget that the process of bringing about this new bundle of joy was effortless, painless and joyous and thus how can the outcome of bringing this bundle of joy be so painful?


Birthing is a normal, healthy state of being in the life cycle of a woman and it is a completely pain free process if we trust our body and our babies just like how all other living organisms do in a simple, natural , graceful and quiet manner.


But our first step – Are we ready to believe that birthing is pain free?  


Did you know that :


-         When conception has taken place, the hormones secreted turn the hard cartilaginous substance of cervix into soft, spongy layer to allow the baby pass smoothly

-         When the birthing mother is calm, the uterus is relaxed allowing more room for the baby to turn naturally.

-         Gentle relaxation techniques allow the release of endorphins in the birthing mom that inhibit the stress hormone catecholamine (catecholamine causes tightening and constriction in the muscles that causes pain)

-         Relaxin is secreted more during the birthing phase that stretches and makes the muscular walls more elastic, softens the cervix and also softens the ligaments within the baby to relax and become flexible for easier descent and birth.



SAHHEAL offers you a pain free process of baby birthing where the birthing mom and dad are dynamic, equal and active contributors to welcoming the new born in this new age.


This Pain free baby birthing process believes that birthing is natural, graceful and calming and it is based on trusting one’s body and being aware and conscious of it. This program trains birthing moms & dads to equip and empower with the following:


·        Understanding changes in the body, mind of the birthing mother

·        Empowering the birthing companion to play an active role to empower the birthing mother.

·        Understand and feel the developmental changes taking place in the new born baby.

·        Empower the birthing mom into relaxed conscious breathing techniques that are gentle and soothing to the mind and body.

·        Get an insight into the right to information about birthing preferences in hospitals.

·        Empower and strengthen trust and bonding between birthing moms & dads during the entire pregnancy.

·        Deconstructing and letting go myths, misconceptions and fears associated with birthing or a woman’s body or the relationships between the birthing moms and dads.

·        Breathing and creative visualization techniques to empower the subconscious mind in the different stages of pregnancy and birthing.


Birthing is a natural instinctive art form and the moment of birth is the Miracle – The Miracle of Life !!


Painfree baby birthing is your right towards a secure, calm and joyous process that Nature has already programmed. If we trust our heart, we allow it to beat well without disturbing it. Similarly if we follow the body changes and are aware of it and keep our minds and bodies calm, pain free baby birthing is the outcome and birthing then becomes Life’s greatest Miracle.   


Birthing moms & dads , are you ready to reclaim your right towards a graceful & calm birthing?



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