Fortis Bannerghatta Rd -- House of horrors for mothers-to-be

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PrakritiGuha 2016-04-04 21:44:32


I had the misfortune of delivering my first baby at Fortis. Not only did their ignorance and negligence result in me delivering a stillborn baby, their services ensured a traumatic experience which I wont wish upon even my worst enemy.
I was consulting Dr. Nalini Biswas. Not only did she miscalculate my due date as 25 Nov, she failed to detect that the baby had cord around the neck. Moreover, she insisted that we wait for a normal delivery. As a result my baby got strangulated and after going through 8 hours of labor, I delivered a stillborn on 27 Nov.Furthermore, following are the instances of their so-called world-class service:1. The delivery room is far from sterilized. They allow visitors with shoes inside.
2. There is only one doctor two nurses and one ayah at the time of delivery. The duty doctor refuses to come saying she is busy.
3. The nurses and ayahs don't wear face masks, hair masks or aprons.
4. Post delivery, they keep the dead baby by your side as your trophy.
5. They keep you waiting in the delivery room for 3 hours before you are shifted to your room.
6. They don't care whether you are in pain or getting any sleep. I begged them for some pain killers until 3 am when they finally had some mercy on me.
7. There is no nurse or ayah waiting on you.
8. Even when you call for the nurse or ask for a glass of water, they take minimum 15 minutes to respond.
9. The nurses are so ill-equipped that they don't even know how to get the bed railings down. They also fail to support your weight and expect you to do everything by yourself even when your head is reeling.
10. They allow vendors of baby products inside while there can be only one relative attending you.
11. They charge Rs. 660 for physiotherapy but the therapist doesn't even bother to go through your files and begins lecturing you on how you should breastfeed when there is no baby to feed.
12. They leave you at the mercy of the same doctor who killed your baby for all further consultations.
13. Everybody is "new" and cannot provide you with any information about their own hospital.Maybe I was particularly unlucky. But I was paying them through my nose for their services. If I had to rely on luck I would have gone somewhere cheaper.

 Former member 2016-04-05 08:58:39


I am very sorry to hear of your loss. No woman should undergo such a tragedy. Sending lot of prayers and good wishes your way. 
In our country, unfortunately, medical negligence is very difficult to prove. I am a victim of negligence too, but the doctor responsible told me that it was my karma that I suffered. 
Thank your for sharing this review, despite your unimaginable sorrow.
I hope you are able to find solace sometime. May your child rest in peace. God Bless. 


pravso 2016-04-13 17:51:10


Extremely sorry to hear of your loss prakriti. My deepest condolences and prayers reach out to you and your family. May Lord give you enough strength and goodwill in this tough time.Let this post be an eyeopener for all expecting mothers to avoid the hell house. 
May the departed soul rest in peace. May you find unimaginable grimace and support from everyone around. We are all here for your support.

Care and concern,


 Former member 2017-03-06 23:38:58


Very sorry to read about your loss. I would suggest few steps for you,see what is feasible as life has to move on and you hav to hav a family complete with kid/s... Its common to hav nuchal cord, most of the times it can be just slipped off from a delivering head by the attending medic. Problem comes if its too tight and compressing blood supply to brain. It doesnt compress breathing as breathing doesnt start till baby is delivered. Just before delivery date you can get a colour dopler usg done for more acuracy in detecting compresing nuchal cords. Most of the time,stillbirth with nuchal cord is for some other reason. The exact reason can be found only after postmorten. It includes genetic analysis also. Get in shape. Talk to your dr. You need to know whatever your concerns cleared as soon as possible. And believe me there are lot of questions that dont hav one answer. you need to get your anxiety levels down by knowing whatevr there is to know as per your case. Many times giving epidural or inducing delivery can lead to a cascade of events. Dr has to be experienced to handle it. And my final advice to all....when you buy a mobile phone or a many questions you ask? Why cant you do that with your health care provider. if not comfortable or if you feel dr is not giving replies get second opinion. raise service related issues then and there. We all know how medical services hav become. Even for that matter what the education system has become. We have to be careful for our peace. Ask whos goingto be the dr in the delivery room or ot for you. What if emergency c section is required. Ask how you can monitor healthy baby or find out yourself if fetal distress.... Do not stop asking.... Hope it helps many...


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