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Nikita0108 2016-01-30 22:47:31


Hi All,
I am new to this group. Got to know about this from one of my friends. 
I am suffering from Urticaria since October mid. Recently shifted from South Bangalore to Kundalahalli. Any suggestions or tips on how to take care of personal health & hygiene. 

I visted couple of Doctors, currently using MontekLC medicine. I was asked to keep the house clean, dust it frequently, change the door mats and mop frequently, avoid sweets , colored food etc. 

Since its been more than 3 months , in spite of using medicines and taking care of hygine, I still sometimes see hives. Please suggest me.

Thanks & Regards,

pravso 2016-02-22 18:10:06


HI Nikita,

Hives, you already know is more of a psychological phenomenon than real or physical. Most times hives form due to your thoughts. Allergies are minimal. The most difficult part is finding the trigger to your Hives. Have you been able to find out the trigger point yet.?

Mostly due to dust, spider webs, Air conditioner, certain screeching sounds, insect bites, warm water, specific aroma.. can be anything actually. If you find the trigger then just make sure that you ban it from your surroundings. MontekLC or citrizine ar okacet would help you get rid of rashes temporarily. But make sure you don't get habituated to it.

Avoid non veg foods, oil fried foods, eggs, roasted onions or half cooked meals. Always have freshly cooked foods. Keep your house dust free all the time. It will wear off slowly if you stop thinking about the rashes. For example a colleague of mine used to have this with spider webs in the house. We bought wallpapers of her favorite color and decorated the entire house with it. Spiders still do exist butshe doesn't get hives anymore. Psyshological :-P

If you have tried all this and still get hives, check for bed bugs in your bed and furniture. This would spell a lot of trouble and nuisance. I sincerely hope not.

Let me know if you need more help. I can help you find your trigger points to Hives.



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