Best hospital in Hyderabad for Normal delivery

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mrudula1234 2015-07-10 18:19:33


Hi All,

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and staying in Bangalore. I am planning my delivery in Hyderabad. I would like to know the best hospitals for normal deliveries. Please also suggest me the good doctor who is friendly and can guide me and give me confidence instead of suggesting C-section and going behind money. What about the below hospitals. I want the current reviews of hospitals. I came to know that Fernandez has lost its fame.
Healthy Mother, Kukatpally
Any other hospital if good.
I heard that Healthy mother is focused on 99% normal deliveries. How do they take care of mother and baby.
Please, I want the suggestion from you people hope everyone can understand the pain of good hospital and good doctor.
Thanks in advance.


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