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Chellachella 2010-03-22 11:06:55


HI friends,

I am pregnant for 27weeks.i have O-negative blood group.but my husband's is a positive blood group.It is said that my baby will get my my husbands blood group.Since my blood group is negative and if my baby's blood group is positive,it may hurt the baby.

My doctor suggested me to go for an injection called Rhogam on my 28th week.I am in singapore now and i am about to travel back to india on my 29th week.

Does any of you knows about this injection?What if i postpone to go for injection on my 29th or 30thweek(i.e after coming back ot india)?Will this postponing will hurt my baby in the womb?i am a worried.

Does anyone experience this kind of blood group issues?

Please advice.


mickey 2010-03-22 12:09:14


Hi Chella ,

There is no need to worry these days. Science has become too advanced and such cases  of  Rh factors mismatch (i.e Rh factor +ve and -ve in the blood group )  are being dealt  with without much complications.

I am not a doctor. But i spoke to my gnaec who is very good and  well known in Hyd. She says u can delay ur injection by a week or so. That shouldn't be a problem.

Where do u stay in India and whom are u going to consult ?

May I also know why do u want to delay it when u r advised to take this injection in 28th week ? Its a very sensitive issue and the doctor whom u r consulting would be the best judge. You cannot afford to take chances. Take a second opinion .Consult some doctor personally  at Singapore ,in case u want to postpone ur injection.

Take care,





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