Better but less expensive hospitals in for consultant and delivery in Hyderabad

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DebAnni18 2014-02-02 12:08:45



I need to know the name of the hospitals in hyderabad near madhapur where service and doctors will be good in gynecology dept but less expensive. Care hospital and Apollo is too costly. If you please give me the details of expenses in different hopitals, it will be very much helpful for me...


Shejoe 2014-02-12 15:15:49



I recently moved to Hyderabad, I am currently in my 8th month.  Many of my Husband's colleagues suggested Rainbow Hospital, so we went gynecologist is Dr. Pranathi Reddy.... I have been consultants here for past 4 months, she seems to be quite good... we also found the price to be reasonable.....

May be you should try it....


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