17th week of pregnancy-detected with High Risk of Down Syndrome!

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Onmytoes 2013-04-10 10:51:10


Dear All,

I have a smart healthy son of 5years old. My age is 35years. I am 17 weeks pregnant- this baby was planned specially for my son. Last week after the Triple Marker Test, it was detected that the baby has high risk of Down Syndrome.

I am very depressed. Somewhere I blame myself coz after happiness of get pregnant there was a phase when i was scared of the labor pain & prayed to god that didnt want the baby. God has punished me.

We havent yet planned but most probably we would go for termination coz I dont want the baby to suffer. I have a neigbor with Deaf & Dumb child, i see her & her son suffering day n night. I dont want same to happen to my baby.

I am sorry dear baby. I want you.........................


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