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rajju 2013-02-16 11:48:16


 Hi,I had my Anatoly scan at 20 weeks has been found out that the baby has bilateral talipes(also known as club foot). We are desperately looking for more information.tho' the doctor has assured that it can be treated once the baby is born,v r very much worried.can anybody share information if u hv heard or been thro' this situation,it will be very helpful.Thanks.

KALPAN 2013-03-30 13:26:40


Dear Rajju,

Though late, giving the story of a brave girl SHOURYA in which you will find answers to all your questions.  Shourya is my Bhabhi's brother's daughter. 



Story of our angel …..Shouryaa,

Its been 3 months , since we were blessed, with our gift of a life time by the almighty..our daughter …our little angel…… shouryaa. Hence, today, I thought of sharing my experience as a father and the story of my sweet heart shouryaa.
It had been a long wait for the miracle to happen in our lives. then one fine day the kit had the lines, we were yearning for so long. We were ecstatic. I told the news to my parents and they too were very excited. as any would be parent will do, we too started dreaming about the miracle of nature. Our lives were about to change.
Then started; routine monitoring, regular checkups, ultrasound sonography and many medical tests. To compliment that tanu started hearing spiritual music, ancient chants and garbha sanskars. and …yes…every morning..there was NARIYAL PANI too (to ensure the baby is not born dark as me.) there was a dedicated cab for tanu to her office. We didn’t compromise on anything. All in all it seemed just like a dream. Families on both sides too were very happy and excited.
Then came the day…..when we went for routine sonography in tanu’s 20 th week. This time we both were more excited as we were expecting to see the growth of our little one. As usual I was standing near the screen to have a closer look at the baby. Then the doctor said …all seems fine except…….
….i swallowed the big lump in my throat and asked doctor..what is it.
Doctor said your baby has single club foot. I asked him what is that….he told the right foot is not normal and is crooked. He further added…she will not be able to walk properly …..this was it …I was shocked and devastated to learn that the baby isn’t normal…..tanu too had tears in her eyes . 
Suddenly I started hating the doctor and doubting his skill. Tanu was extremely disturbed…I didn’t know what to tell her as I too was in a state of shock and anger…. There were obvious question why…we?? Why with us? We went home and shared the news. My parents too were deeply shocked and saddened.
We didn’t want to lose this gift in any case. This was our precious child. I comforted tanu and told her that we will sort it out by any means in the universe.
Thankfully I didn’t have to go too far. I decided to find out more about this. I googled on the net …and I couldn’t believe what I came across. The data was disturbing, yet it made me aware that I don’t need to panic and be disappointed.
Few facts about the club foot in india/worldwide are as follows,
1. Every day 150 children are born with club foot in india
2. There are about 1 million children with club foot in developing countries
3. There is no exact know cause for the club foot. However smoking or consumption of alcohol is speculated as one of them.
4. There are about 200,000 new cases of club foot every year across the world
5. One in 1000 births have club foot deformity
6. If untreated, it causes permanent walking disability
7. The existence of this condition has been documented for thousands of years and is one of the most common birth defects.

The treatment:
1. Club foot can be 100% cured by the time the child starts walking
2. Ideally the treatment should be started immediately after 15 to 20 of birth,
3. The treatment has been developed by Dr. Ponseti and hence named after him as a Ponseti method.
4. The treatment involves 7 weekly casts which make the crooked foot appear straight/normal
5. If required a minor surgery to release the muscles joints
6. Then a specially designed shoes need to be worn for 23 hrs a day for next 3 months
7. Small exercise for foot four time a day
8. At the end of these 3 months the child has to wear these special shoes only during nights or while asleep.
9. The treatment is available at nominal cost at govt hospitals like WADIA in mumbai

Yes.. this was it. I was extremely relived to learn about the treatment and the success stories of parents from all part of the world and from all economical classes. It was extremely encouraging for us. I immediately showed all video and website to my parents and they too were very happy yet anxious about it.
We knew that our angel is going to overcome the first hurdle of her life very easily, bravely and hence we decided to name her as SHOURYAA.
Its been 2.5 months of her treatment and I am happy to tell u all that she is doing great with her treatment. She has finished her casting part and now wears specially designed shoes for 23 hrs a day. She will continue to wear them this way for 3 more months. 
With few exceptions of cranky nights she has managed to bare the pain of her treatment.
She now recognises our family members and is one cute little papa’s girl. It’s incredibly amazing to see how the tiny tot has adapted herself and enjoy turning up side down overcoming the obstacles of her braced shoes.
We are slowly approaching our victory and shouryaa as always is battling bravely with naughty smile on her face. We feel fortunate to have access to such treatment and thank millions to Dr. Ponseti for developing this treatment.
We have pledged to be associated with the miracle foot foundation and I encourage all of you who are willing to help poor kid walk on their feet to do same.
Often parents are shy to share that their child is born with a deformity or disability. While I m not trying to be hero here, but I strongly feel that each child is gift of a god. Please don’t think your child’s disability or deformity as taboo or compare it with other child. It’s in your own hands, to shape up your kid and nurture its good qualities. The purpose of me writing this on FB is to share my joy of parenthood, spread awareness about this deformity, its treatment method and the international organization for this.
I hope I have been able to spread the message at least to my friends and hope the chain reaction will continue spreading more and more awareness.
For more information visit: www.



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