Ultrasound Report after 3 months

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RahulJo 2013-01-15 13:42:53




On 4th Jan-2013, I have done ultrasound called manuanl scan. as per the the report -

GA by Dates 14 weeks 0 days

LMP- 1-Oct2012

BPD- 14

CRL- 13 weeks and 6 days


comments by doctor - Low risk for downs, normal viability.


Please suggest is every thing normal? or do I need to do some other test. My doctor said that there is nothing to worry. but I read in internet NT value greater than 2.5mm cause of some problem.


Please response.

praxy 2013-01-15 15:36:58


better u take opinon of more than 1 doc.. its not always good to check everything with internet as sometimes its better v don knw certain numbers which scares us unnecessarily...medically tat mite not ve ne significance.. but better u chk wid s1 in whom u ve confidance like family friend doctor or smbdy like tat


Rubu 2013-01-15 17:36:36


I agree with praxy.. As a mother of 3, I refused for many tests.. I do not have genetic disorders running in my house then why would i take all tests. I did just regular  US and if doc says looks ok then its ok for me.

by searching  on internet you lose your peace of mind which is even more bad for the baby.. just enjoy ur first pregnancy without freaking out....




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