Will overweight lead to problems in delivery?

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megal 2012-11-21 19:36:36


 Dear all,

  I am new to parentree.I am 15 weeks pregnant and loads of doubts are tumbling in my mind.The major thing i am worried about is my weight. I was 73 kgs during my first visit & height is 5'3''. On the first visit itself doctor told me that b'coz of my weight, i could have problems duing pregnancy and even i may can't have normal delivery.

       This thing increased my fear about pregnancy period.Is this a fact that i cant hav normal delivery?My hubby is more worried than me.we just want our baby to be healthy and normal, like any other parents.Should i hav to lose weight?Is there anything i can do to hav my pregnany & delivery easy and normal?.

    Pls if anyone experienced & overcame this kind of problem or having knowledge abt this, pls pls guide me


Suvi345 2012-11-21 20:27:27



First of all congrats. It is just 15 weeks and you got a long way to go.  It is too early to decide whether you can't have normal delivery or not. I wonder how could the doctor told you could have problems. The doctor should have just educated about the things that you should do which would help for normal delivery.

Just be positive and look for the things that you should do for normal delivery. You could also join the pregnancy related forums like the below one:


Though you get suggestions from forums, you could ask suggestions from your near and dear ones like mother, mother-in-law and grand mothers who never had an option for caesarean.

All the best. Sure it would be a normal.



megal 2012-11-21 20:47:20


 Thanks Suvi,

     I'm relieved a little to hear from u. I ll follow your advice


ani2k5 2012-12-05 15:29:12


Hi Megal,

Congratulations!!! As Suvi has said, its too early to worry about all that.

But one thing is please try not to put on too much weight during pregnancy, since your weight is on the higher side. And though people say you are eating for 2!!! you are not. Have small meals throughout the day. Avoid junk food and eat healthy. This will make a healthy baby.

Putting on too much of weight may lead to complications like high BP, and Gestational diabetes.

So take care and enjoy your pregnancy!!!


Aanyaa 2012-12-05 17:54:06


Hi Megal,

Congratulations and be positive about the whole thing.I had weighed almost the same as you when I came to know of my pregnancy.I had a normal delivery.

So to put your heart and mind at peace I shared this with you.

Secondly, no one can decide or choose the kind of delivery before hand.Incase even if you have a C-Section the child will be equally healthy.Why do you look at C-Section negatively? I know of many friends who were infact healthier and more active than me having had a C-SEction.

Enjoy your pregnancy and all the attention :-) Do not think negatively or be depressed or stressed.Yes do eat healthy and small meals as suggested above and after the first trimester start some walking after your doctors advice.Some pre natal yoga classes could also help you.Again in consultation with your doctor,

I do not know which doctor you consult, but you could get a second opinion if that would make you feel better.

This is a blissful period.Be happy.





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