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SPM 2012-08-22 15:15:26


Dear All ,

Iam totally depressed ,i stay abroad and married for 8 years did 6 IUI and all failures . So now we deciedd to shift ourselves to Chennai permanently .I googled many gynic in chennai for IVF and finally found good reviews about Dr.Geetha Arjun in  E V Kalyani Medical Centre Mylapore .and its near to us as we stay in puruswalkam .  I mailed her regarding the cost but she never replied .Therefore friends does anyone know how much the total cost of IVF there.

And also kindly share your personal experinces and any one visisted her for tretament .

Awaiting for the reply



NJ 2012-08-22 17:26:19



Nowadays there are fertility clinics in every street and corner in all cities. I went to Dr Anand shinde in Pune's Dinanath hospital. A very famous doctor in India is Dr Malpani from Mumbai - www.drmalpani.com/

In Chennai almost all hospitals offer infertility treatments , but sorry I'm not aware of experiences with the doctors here.

IVF usually can range from 50.000 to 1 lakh or little more than that, per session.


SPM 2012-08-23 12:30:59


Thanks NJ a lot. Will definetly give a try in Malpani hospital after one trial in Chennai hospital .


KALPAN 2012-08-23 13:24:31


Dear SPM

I had gone thro' all this i.e. around 10 IUIs and 6 IVFs and believe me it's really  a painful experience every time the IVF cycle fails in addition to the cost which must be now more than a lac (when I did this in 2003 it was 60000-75000 depending upon the injections). You get more and more depressed when the cycle fails. In addition to the cost per IVF, it pains the woman a lot physically on her body with sooooooooo many injection on the body and those injections are also really painful. One of my friends gave it up after one cycle of IVF.  I continued till 6 cycles since in the first cycle I got a positive result but due to multiple pregnancy (this normally happens in IVF cycles), miscarriage in the 3rd month and you can imagine what I must have gone thro and then hopes after hopes for every cycle. 

So I will advice you that in case you are going for IVF, choose the best doctor and give only one chance. Keep positive approach about the IVF cycle.  This is more important since I have seen that those who gets the result, gets it only in the first cycle since we are much hopeful about that. The approach of "I will try here, then there"  is not advisable.  Think positive about the 1st cycle only that it should rather must result positive.  You will get the positive result and believe me it makes a lot of difference of having the positive attitude that in the 1st cycle only I should conceive. Keep that approach, think well, prepare your mind for all the painful exercises on your body and go for it.  You will definitely get the positive result.  ALL THE BEST.


NJ 2012-08-24 10:26:06



Yes I agree, its so painful -- more mentally--- to go through infertility treatments. Life is not fair,, that many women abort their babies, while some have a difficult time conceiving. But God is good,, So whatever happens in the end is for ones good I feel,,

If all fails, Adoption is an option if you would like. I know a family who had few tubal pregnancies and now they have 3 children- all adopted and they are quite happy. The choice to adopt is a very personal decision -- Some choose to adopt, Some choose not to due to various reasons.


KALPAN 2012-08-24 13:31:04



Glad to inform you that I have already adopted a girl child in 2006  when she was one year old and with God's grace she is now 7 years old and giving us all the joy and pleasure a biological child will give to their parents.  Looking back, I sometimes wonder why I went thro all those painful years. But one thing,  that my doctor only suggested us to go for adoption.  Very few doctors will do that looking at the handsome money they get for the treatment. I now advise all the aspiring parents who are taking all these painful treatments, to go for adoption at an early age so that you can enjoy the baby's development and give the required attention to them when you yourself are fit n fine. Age matters a lot in bringing up the child. I always thank GOD that I took the right decision and for giving me the SWEETEST GIRL in the world.



NJ 2012-08-24 13:36:12


I'm so Happy for you KALPAN, God bless you and your sweet lil girl.


KALPAN 2012-08-24 14:40:19


Thanks NJ


SPM 2012-08-27 16:25:07


Dear Kalpan ,


Thanks for information ,yes i agree it so much of mental and physical pressure during tretements . And every cycle you keep lot of hopes and when it turns out to be negative all your dremas get shattered . I will be trying agian for 1 or 2 IUI , if not then will go for 1 IVF and thats it . If its in my fate it has to be success .


KALPAN 2012-08-28 10:15:30


Good decision SPM.  Go for IVF at an early age, it gives more positive results.  And go for that will all positive attitude and the success will be yours.  ALL THE BEST.



Nammudivij 2012-11-15 23:09:30



I am not sure if you have decided on which hospital to approach for IVF

I would like to share my personal experience which might help you if you have not decided yet

I am from bangalore and have visited virtually all big so called IVF clinics.  I have 3.5yr old son now after 12 years of marriage and shelling out lot of emotional moments and hefty money in Bangalore hospitals-both ayurvedic and allopathy.  By one of my colleague we came to know about Krishna IVF centre at Vishakhapatnam.  It is a place where all required facilities for analysis and performing IVF are available under one roof.  BTW my probs was PCO.  I have seen people having multiple cycles there also for IVF, but have met people who got succeeded in first also.  First of all pl visit the centre with a tourist mind..just to enjoy the place, ocean, and get analysed..then take decision

Wherever you opt for-work strategically, lose some weight (need not be the target weight for your hight-some reduction definitely alters body mechanism positively).  Believe in Doctor you select and have faith in god.  It definitely works

Perseverence and determination is very much necessary, do not change docs frequently

Good luk



tinnu 2012-11-16 16:21:06


Dear SPM,

EV kalyani medical centre is one of the best in chennai. My two SIL's delivered their babies there. Its a bit costly but worthy. Dr.Geetha arjun was very experienced and reputed gynaec in chennai and she was also trained in abroad.

Docs in EV kalyani never talk politely or they respond to our mails or phones. But the result of the treatment u will be receiving is more important than answering our queries.  

Apart from that u can choose GG hospitals which was run by Mrs.Kamala ganesh(daughter of Gemini ganesan). It's also famous for infertility treatments.

Go ahead, think positive and All the best.



raajee 2013-03-28 20:10:37


hi nice to see the reviews.i have gone through the reviews.most of us we think that if we plan for ivf treatment - first thing it come to us is gynecologist..thats really wrong concept.if you really want to get ivf pregnancy you have to see - the best ivf -scientist who create the baby or embryo.most of us doesn't knows this.i strongly suggest go to chennai fertility center- there dr.VM.Thomas world renowned embryologist he gives the best pregnancy.there pregnancy rates are very good around 80 - 90%.he is world best ivf scientist who has scientifically produced many ivf - babies.


SPM 2013-05-01 12:24:49


 Dear All 


Sorry for delay in reply . I will definately follow ur advise after landing to india as of now i have changed the doctor here and keeping fingers crossed .  Or else definately have to leave this country and come down to india permanently for the treatement . But hoping i dont land up in that situation as in chennai i need to stay with inlwas which is more stressable when hubby not around all the time ..


magda 2013-08-21 10:19:20



I don't know whether you're aware of the following book. There are lots of reviews to help you decide whether you want to get it or not.



steve34 2013-10-15 18:26:58


My friend went to Gift IVF Bangalore and had positive response from them. They got a boy this February. I will recommend to go for any experienced clinics and don't go after the price constrain in this category.

WBWI 2014-01-10 17:18:29


I agree that I am very late to this conversation, but I would like to give you some advice that might help you with IVF issues.

Some of you might be staying in different locations in India, but there is one doctor who can help you to overcome these problems. As we all know that infertility is very depressing, and consecutive implantation failures are even worse. Some of my friends went to Dr. Mohan Raut in Mumbai. Recently he helped a couple who was suffering from infertility problem and now, they have 3 daughters. You can go to his website http://www.icprm.in/




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