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APSM 2012-02-15 21:09:07


 Dear Group Members

We are a couple from Punjab. My wife is into her 18th week of pregnancy. Presently she is under care with Dr. Bhagayalakshmi (Nandini Hospitals). I want to know out of your experiences and related talks if my wife and unborn kid are in safe hands. Everytime we go to that hospital, we see loads of patients there. This makes us to wonder as if Dr. Bhagyalakshmi is very well known, popular and quite efficient or is it the affordability in terms of money which gives her so many patients.

This is our first baby and we dont want to take any chances. Please let us know about your views. Plus i heard about  Dr. Vasantha Sivanandan in Adyar. Shall we go to her or stay with Nandini hospitals? So far the fetal developement has been normal. We were asked to go for a Triple Screening Test but the results were normal again.

Hope to hear some vaulable inputs from the fellow group members!


Regards and Happy Parenting!

kripa5297 2012-02-16 08:53:32


 Dear APSM,

Congrats to you both. I would like to recommend Dr. Nitya Ramamurthy in Malar Fortis Hospital, Adayar. Since you both seem to be out of state, Malar Fortis would be ideal because you have everything under one roof plus it is  only 15-20 minutes drive from velachery.

Hope this helps..



APSM 2012-02-16 10:47:19


 Hey Kripa

Thanks for the suggestion. 

Surely i will check into the facilities there. Just one more question..Are you recommending this hospital and Doctor based on your personal experience?




kripa5297 2012-02-16 11:06:01


 Yep!!! My sister  and about 5 cousins have used this hospital faclilities for their delivery..



APSM 2012-02-16 13:19:09


 Thats great! :)

Thanks for the valuable inputs.. My wifes due for 20 weeks scan at the start of next month. We might get it done from Malar!





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