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vas2001 2009-11-11 13:02:39


Hello Everyone,

We are expecting our second child in Feb / March 2010.

My wife's first delivery happened in her hometown (Normal delivery) and second one, we are planning to have in Chennai.

I'm told that most of the hospitals would tell some reason and would go for C Section. Mostly if we use Cashless / Mediclaim.

Or in General, I want views / experiences on that critical time. What kind of reasons / possibilities that would push towards C section.

I would try to avoid such situations.



NJ 2009-11-23 03:08:09


Its true that C section is very rampant in cities where many of the doctors want to make a quick buck. Speak to the doctor that you prefer to have a normal delivery unless there is a complication with the pregnancy that will threaten the life of the mother or the child. Complications that will require csection are breech baby position, umbilical cord problems, signs of fetal distress(no or low hearbeat of the baby), high bp for the mother, placenta previa, placental abruption. After you have communicated this to the doctor, there is no other option than to trust the doctor with their judgement. I feel that unless you have good recommendation of a doctor in Chennai or that there are some issues in your hometown due to which you are deciding on having your delivery in Chennai, its better to do it in your hometown due to reasons of familiarity.


deepasanthosh 2009-12-14 11:09:57



Here are a few tips on which you could choose your doctor by interviewing them!! Might sound undoable but many of us have done this and in the end have been able to choose the right doctors. You could search doctor recommendations on pregnancy forums or women based forums.

  • Attitude towards queries and information being sought
  • •Patience, compassion and supportive of your choice of birth experience
  • •Facilities available in the hospital she consults
  • •Enough time and private care given to the expectant couple
  • •Flexible, supportive of natural and family centered birth experience
  • •Known for having a low Caesarean rate and high ethics

 Here are a few questions to be asked to the doctor . 

  • •Explain the kind of birth you are seeking and whether she supports such a preference
  • •Ask about having your partner with you. If it is denied explain the benefits and the wide practice today and ask her reasons for her decision
  • •Talk about due date and how long she will wait all things being fine
  • •Ask her about her Caesarean rate
  • •Ask her about routine interventions like IV line, augmentation of labor, epidurals
  • •Ask her at what point does induction happen and if it is a routine
  • •Ask her about her back up and facilities for neonatal care
  • •Ask her if she is available on phone at normal hours for any issues you may want to discuss

This is written from my experience both personal and professional and yeah many doctors respond positively.

Happy Pregnancy and Birthing



vas2001 2009-12-15 11:07:32


Thanks DeepaSanthosh and NJ.

I will take these inputs. She is a very busy Doctor and quite famous for Infertility / Pregnancy in my locality. She is owning a hospital in Nanganallur, Chennai.

Will take your suggestions and trust everything should go fine.

Thanks for your inputs..




NJ 2009-12-16 11:59:40


Hi Vasu,

If you have a personal recommendation about the doctor then its best. Since I have heard that doctors who are very famous do not necessarily treat their patients well. For instance in Pune, one of my friend who went to a very famous doctor here called "Jyoti unni" was really upset about the doctor. She told me that she got very little emotional support from the doctor who gave her very less advice and eventually told her to abort her baby because she had GDM. I know many doctors who are very famous who just run their clinics like factories. They do not give personal attention to patients. They quickly dismiss a patient within 5 minutes. They do not even listen. I feel this is a very important quality in a doctor. A doctor should have the patience to listen to his patient. A pregnant woman may be very anxious and if there are complications with her pregnancy then she would be even more anxious about her baby and delivery. The doctor should be able to give a lending ear and hear the patient out completely and empathize. All this you will come to know only if you know someone who had had personal experience with the doctor or you have experienced this yourself with the doctor. During the meeting check if the doctor is listening to you and explaining things patiently or dismissing you quickly in order to see the next patient though you have a lot of unanswered questions.

All the best. I wish your wife gets a very good doctor whom she can feel extremely comfortable with and wish your wife a safe delivery.


deepasanthosh 2009-12-16 13:49:56


NJ Bingo , bag on the point. I also feel the same way and also infertility specialists are more prone towards having a high C-section rate . If she is recommended by someone close, find out the experience and the care.





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