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 Former member 2011-08-31 17:50:10


Hi Friends !!

 I'm expecting my 2nd baby in nov. Till now i was managing well but this week got some bad news.

1. my blood glucose level is 160.

2. my breasts are leaking ....and one side its getting hard around areolae and paining like hell. I m taking augmentin 650 on my doc's advice but there is no comfort.

Plz help me out.

also what should i do for sugar level?


PiaKaushik 2011-08-31 18:46:51


Hi Tuhi,

Bood sugar level goes high sometimes during pregnancy.. this is called gestational diabetes. This is quite common now a days and after delivery, sugar level comes down automatically. To keep sugar level in control, you have to regulate your diet. Consult your doctor or dietitian for some special diet routine.

Wish you all the best.


 Former member 2011-09-03 14:58:37


hey pia,

thanks a lot for ur reply......these docs sometimes scare us. After fasting blood sugar test, the blood sugar is within the limits !! and she made me anxious. So, a bit relieved.

but my 2nd prob is not getting better. Has Anybody suffered such problem, plz share ur views.


hiradhu 2011-10-22 20:38:08


 To have a check on sugar level, AFTER EVERY MEAL have a relaxed walk for MIN 20mins. and make sure you walk for 40mins every day during evenings or early mornings. It should be a little brisk walk. Even if you miss this brisk walk never miss the post meal relaxed walk for min 20mins.

It helped me to great extent and finally I was declared 'Not Gestational Diabetic'

The only high levels were in my first test taken during 16weeks..after that it was completely normal.


 Former member 2011-10-22 23:31:08


hey hiradu !!

thanks yaar !! now I've recovered all my problems by God's grace. My MIL has come to take care of me. 33 weeks have passed and I'm excited for the 2nd baby.

Well, nothing goes smoothly......since I already have a daughter, my MIL is expecting a baby boy this time. She came yesterday only and scolding me of not getting tested for girl/boy !!!

Well, I don't know what to say - I said whatever comes, I'm open and happy to accept it.

But she is saying you should atleast have one boy, everyone in our extended family has. this thing is really irritating me......can't we live peacefully with 2 daughters?? Whats wrong with it?? Friends, please help me out, how to tackle my MIL on this point. She is very nice lady, otherwise.


apfriend 2011-10-23 11:08:12


2 points for you, may be thesemight work.

1.     Invite some of your friends who have 2 girl babies to ur home, let her see how happy they are etc, maybe she realizes 2.     See whom she like more in the family and when you all talk let that person explain her saying girl or boy any one is same

Good luck, but you dont bother abt all these at present. just b cool and happy


mridulaartsteacher 2011-10-25 13:59:49


I stopped having sweets, sugar, fried items, ghee etc etc the moment I was tested positive for pregnancy as the Gyanaec scared me about gestational diabetes.

What Radha said makes perfect sense to me and I have not been doing it :( I will get rid of my laziness and do relaxed strolling on my terrace for 20 mins hereon. :) I am into my 17th week now.

It is also good to have methi leaves in form of chapathis or as alu methi to keep a check on diabetes.


hiradhu 2011-10-30 21:22:48


Thats great Mridula, guess you can do it.

Hi Tuhi, I have 2 girls. I am listing some of the advantages of having 2 daughters, may be you can use some of them to convince your MIL.

1. Both will be for each other even after they growup. I have my sisters and even cousin sisters ALWAYS there to listen. I dont say Brothers will not, but likelyhood is less than Sisters!!

2. Their bond starts right from their childhood. They make very good friends. Even in their teens they can discuss amongst themselves. 

a girl & a boy -- They will share matters only till their teens. after that I dont think they can...

3. It will be a lively and lovely home. Again I dont deny the same with Boys..but still :)

4. You can reuse  your first daughter's dresses ( sound silly why not?!! ..cloths esp Girls dresses are expensive these days)

5. Girls have wide variety of choice when it comes to dresses...You will have 2 cute pricesses at home (Again boys hold the same ..but still :) )

6.  You will have 2 pairs of ears listening to you in your old age. When you get older you CANT discuss some of your emotional and physical issues with your son, but definitely with your daughter. 

7.  Last but not the least you will Not have any Daughter in law issues!!!

These are some of the points I think you can talk about. 

Disclaimer: It doesnt mean Boys will not care or Sister-Brother bonding will not be there. So parents of Boy-Girl or Boy-Boy pls dont get offended.. 




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