MIL problem

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1689 2020-04-27 16:46:15


HI, My life is full of struggles as it us love marriage with different caste. I am south Indian and husband is Maharashtrian. All problems because of MIL as she still not happy with our marriage. We were living happily once my daughter is born aftr 1 yr she came to tak care of my daughter. From the day she stepped in my home fight and she already separated my husband. Now trying to separate my daughter too. She is more of cast , physco person, and kanjus. Her rules us in home and my husband doesn't believe me. He sometime beating moby listening to mother in law and using bad words in front of my daughter. I dont like at all. Please give a solution. MIL interrupts in everything I do and not allowing to take any decision. My family financial situation came down due to she insisting my husband to borrow more money,moreover she purchased a land in her name with help of my husband bank loan. Due to this daughter future and school will affect.i have a big dream for my daughter and I want to fulfill all her dreams. I am in a situation to leave husband too, but thinkng of my daughter. Please help what decision should I take.


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