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Annu01 2019-10-18 23:52:19


Hello friends please help me... My mil trests me as a maid.. Every single thing is done by me and when my hubby gets up in the eve he works in night shift my mil shows him that she works alot... At weekends my sil comes home need to serve her then.. She does not leaves with her mil and comes every now and then. My mil is worst she faught with my fil and fil leaves seapretly... What to do i dont have free time for me and my baby.. My day starts with work and ends with work i want play with my baby but no time... When i want to discuss this with my hubby he says these thoughts of yours are useless so don't share with me

ashoktel 2019-11-20 23:09:03


Hi, Most of the married women are facing these kinds of issues especially when they are jobless. The only solution to your problem is that you take your hubby for outing and explain him slowly what's happening when he is not around. Tell him that he is the only one man who has to understand your pain points and help. And allow some time for him to check and to get back you. Dont expect you will get immediate relief. It will take time, but definitely you will see the change in your hubby. Discuss this when ever you get time. Dont jump directly into the issue. Start it with the healthy discussion first and slowly start the main topic.


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