Be Happy If You are Single..Why??

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ManAmo 2019-02-28 18:18:28


Hi All, 

If you still feel lonely , stressed , tensed just because you feel you are single then you should read this. May be you start liking your Single status with proud.

ManAmo 2019-02-28 19:18:06


Hi Everyone,

After 4 year of going through each and every phase of life i got this feel and want to share with all with intention might be all can benefit out of this. Some may agree , Some may not so to clear i am not imposing my thinking i am just sharing it because i get benefited.

To start with let me introduce myself , i am single father of 8 year old kid and taking care of my son ALONE since he was 3.5 year. I have few other posts in this platform with same name where i shared my experience of parenting or creating group of people to connect. I get some really good connects with them and they were successful. All those posts are i think an year old. Now ,Lets start with real content of this thread.

First to admit , human is social animal by saying that i accept everyone needs company and as law of nature the opposite attracts so maximum people try to seek company of opposite sex to get emotional support in life. Well, this is absolutely correct and no fault in this but just because you are single and not able to live-up alone is not correct answer for the companionship.

Why are we Single ? May be victims of excessive manipulation , hatred  in relation , domestic violence , cheat , natural cause like death , divorces etc etc... In all these causes one thing is common that we got an enigma in our heart may be of anger , hollowness , good memories etc etc.. Sometimes as time passes we get into phase where we feel deep down either unimportant or insecure and to get rid of that feeling we try to seek out  companionship without a thought that we might land up with similar enigma again .We also have few people who from first bitter experience become paranoid and see the whole world with same goggle with same color and in most of paranoid cases lands up in being depressed at end. But in both cases we are just seeking something , SOMETHING without knowing the point what we are really seeking , its just aimless journey where we move get few general acquaintances with people for few moments then we feel good and in sometime get bored and again start feeling that enigma. Why we are in this state is BECAUSE We are seeking happiness in presence of someone else , we have downgraded our self to such an extent that even idea of being alone get us scared and we either live tortured life by being in company or by being alone. 

To All Singles , I just want to say the life is not for this , Life is for LIFE. How ?? First start feeling that you are really a great person , no matter what past you have you have a great future. Being Single means now you are independent , you can go where ever you want , you can connect to yourself which you forget long back. Their are thousands of things which you can do which you always want to do and now no one is going to stop you. No one is going to instruct you  , justify you , judge you that this is Wrong or Right. You can be just You. 

Being Single , take it as blessing in disguise  that life has given you another chance to LIVE , a chance might not be available to people who are in relation and trust me 95% of people feel like caged in a relation , few are lucky to become single , many are not so lucky and live life as caged person. Being Single does not mean that i am advocating being irresponsible , but what i am trying to tell that being Single gives you a second chance in life to re-connect to yourself , improvise yourself , fill yourself with life and then Lead life , If Life is like MARATHON RACE then BEING SINGLE IS PLATFORM where you can RE-ENERGIZE yourself and again RUN with full JOSH , MASTI and end your Life MARATHON with flying colors. 

Being Single is just a State of MIND by which you feel insecure , but a bitter truth is all comes as Single and Dies as Single. So why to waste your time by thinking on your status , just stood up and say you love urself and see the world with new perspective ,Welcome each and every day , Love every One , Cherish all moments and Secret is : 


Trust me , getting true companion and enjoying with yourself both are inter-related , again please do not misunderstood that i am advocating being INTROVERT , i am just advocating that by Being SINGLE does not mean you lost your life , "LIFE IS STILL THEIR TO LIVE LIFE" 

Its a very deep topic and I need to forcefully stop else it will be too much.

Thanks , 




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