Dating/Marrying a single mother

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BhupendraB 2018-09-21 16:49:28


Hello, I'm new to this site. I'm a 31 year old man. I'm not a parent yet. I have a question regarding dating and marriage. I never had a girlfriend or dated any woman. Only once in my life did I even try to seriously pursue a girl. She grew up and I lost interest in her. Also, my family was not supportive of it as she already been married as a child by her family and later separated from her husband. In the past couple of years I had been under family pressure for marriage. Proposals, emotional blackmailing. You know the stuff singles of marriageable age in our society have to go through. Fortunately, at the moment my parents don't force me for it. Still I know that as I age they'd again try to push proposals on me. And the same whole thing will start again. I do want to marry and have a family and kids. I find most single women my age or around my age not mature enough when it comes to life as compared to some single mothers. As far as attraction towards women is concerned... I don't usually find women that attractive. Mostly I develop platonic feelings for them. Very rarely I'd come across any woman towards whom I'd feel any romantic feelings. My question is... Can a single man my age form a lifelong partnership with a single mother? And can the two have a happy family together? I know it's not impossible in the west. I wanted to know the situation in India. From what I sense is that even if families of both side support such alliance/marriage there's never that much acceptance for it in society here as it is for let's say... A divorcee/widower marrying another divorcee/widow with/without kids. It doesn't bother me. Still what i sense is that most women who had been previously married and separated(not just single mothers) are skeptical of a second marriage. Again some of them might have had a traumatic relationship with their ex husband, the topic of which I don't know how I would even approach as I myself had a traumatic childhood with my own mother and some women in my life. I don't know if I can ever have biological kids of my own. But I do want to be a father to a child and have a family someday. I just don't know if there are any women out there who can understand my longing to be a parent. Since what I realize is that even if they're empathetic they expect some romantic affection from their partner. Not just a father for their child.


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