Wealth is important than Human values.

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enjoi 2018-09-12 12:39:17


Hi Freinds, I have noticed an Old uncle, he is around 80,s. I was helping in servicing computers from 5-7 Years. He lost his wife before i know him. He is having 2 daughters, he is given good education to them, and along with some properties worth Crores. 1 daugher is settled in Abroad and another daughter is in India. He wishes to leave in his own house. What i noticed is he is suffering from some health issue and he depends on helpers to take care of him. Daughters are busy with their family life, no one came forward to take care of him. Now he is completely out of his presence of mind, he does not remember anything, and poor house maid is taking care of him, where they are paying very less amount salary. All properties and his wealth all are taken control by his daughters. He can live in his house, till his death, but there is no relatives to take for him, except an servant. Is this called life. My suggestion to everyone, please take care of your parents and spend sometime with them. 


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