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ninavi 2018-06-07 15:59:42


I am single mom in Bengalore and sometimes, I had a hard time saving to take my daughter on trips. I have been on a few dates but often the men would just be cheap control freaks and think they own me just because we had lunch or dinner once together.

Later on, a friend of mine asked that I join a website called SugarDaters which I did. I was actually getting messages from rich Sugardaddies, but most would just ask for sex. Am I just a piece of meat!? I decided to give it a try with a sugardaddy who seemed sweet, and the dinner date was great. He was divorced as well and we could connect about our loneliness. He offered me to accompany him on his business trips with my daughter and we loved it. Luxury hotels in Malaysia are the best!

However, after a few months, he turned out to be a jerk. He was back on the Sugardaters website and was dating other women and just f*cking around. I was just another one of those women for him. Moral of the story: Men are jerks. Sugardaddies are horny dogs. Don't trust them!

RishiHyd 2018-06-07 22:50:02


Hello Stell, I read your story and pity on you, Moreover not all the men are horny dogs, Just think once, why should a guy offer you trips for free ? an remember one thing, nothing is free here in this world. Just give and take. I totally understand your problem. Try to be alone and independent women, Let your kid know what problems you are facing. Make her study well. be rich in heart not in money. Issues are like passing clouds. Enjoy it and leave it. Understand that nothing is permanent in our life,. One day your kid also may leave and go with her husband. Stand alone and face the problems with good smile. My suggestion for your is, get a good friend, understand him and try to be with him forever, It gives you more happy and fun in life.
Am sorry for my poor english.

Sathya79 2018-06-08 16:43:57


hi Stella please take back ur words, first it is ur mistake that u went to malaysia with him, and ur dating site so he had spoken and behaved u like that, so please stella u cannot clap on one hand, i have seen mens are trustworthy and reliable more than women, but it is upto them, before going out with sugar daddy becareful and know wat is the real reason behind it

RishiHyd 2018-06-08 18:52:19


Hello Stell, After reading your post again and again i can understand one more thing, you are promoting sugardaters website here. Am I true? lol, its a good idea, I appreciate it.

ninavi 2018-06-11 17:47:38


If nothing is free, what is the cost of finding a nice guy? I have tried being with "normal" guys... some don't know how to even talk to women properly.

And you are no better, RishiHyd.. just because I did not accept your friend request, I am a liar? You just proved me right. You are no different.

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RishiHyd 2018-06-11 19:25:39


Lol, I pity you.
Am not saying you are a liar. You've tried being with normal guys? I didnt understand what does it mean. May be you've shown your real face to them. That is the reason they left you and moreover you cann't clap with single hand, remember that. Yes most of the men don't know how to speak with a women. I respect women and her privacy.
You cannot judge me dear @nainavi, i send add request to both men and women. I respect feminism and gender equality. By seeing your above post we can easily tell about your nature and behavior. May your thoughts rest in peace.
You people should be in some dating apps not in these kind of sites. Am sorry, no offense here.

RishiHyd 2018-06-11 19:38:08


The cost of finding a good guy is, invest your time in patience, observing,understanding and following him.
There are lac's of good guys in and around Bangalore. Hope you will get one soon. Don't run behind money and don't let your kid understand about your nature.One day she will leave you for your odd behavior.
Be independent and achieve your goal. No one is right person for you, you are the best and you are the great.
I've seen many ups and down's in my life. I've given many great suggestions to mt fellow members.
Physically am not there in front of you but mentally we are here. Just follow our suggestions, and move on.

Sathya79 2018-06-11 20:44:07


Please dont take it personally, we are here to give and suggestions, we can take the decision which make us happy, so it is ur life ur wish please dont judge everyone same way because u had seen one bad guy even in ur hand 5 fingers is different in sizes, so each and everyone will be having different mentality, so enjoy life and make friend know them and move on to built a good friendahip

Sathya79 2018-06-12 09:09:26


hi good morning friends i am sathish from bangalore my email id is i am looking for good friend

ninavi 2018-06-12 13:56:55


i cannot judge you, but you can judge me? Hypocrite.
you say: "you cann't clap with single hand". This is a very common thing rapist say to convince themselves that they were right.

RishiHyd 2018-06-12 14:06:57


You said rapist ?? Oh my goodness,  i became rapist very easily without handling any women in personal. May your soul rest in peace, Please don't underestimate me madam. Whom am I to judge you, we just exchanged 2-3 messages, that's it.
It's okay, I can feel your pain on men but my opinion is all men are not dogs. Do you agree if I say every girl is a bitch ? No right, like wise men also. Can you please check my profile and keep me an email ?? 

Sathya79 2018-06-12 15:11:58


Please stop why u people are start fighting


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