Am fed up of life

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 Former member 2018-01-31 11:50:17


My inlwas(FIL, MIL, 2 BILs, 2 co sis) the all brainwash my husband . My husband is very much influenced by them. My Mil is very cruel he cry and bitch about me to my husband. And he fight with me stop talking to me for one month or so. he doesnt even talk to son who s almost 2yrs. My inlwas till now in 5 yrs never helped us in anyway.
I work and my parents look after my son, my inlwas have problem for everything i do.
But my husband never support me.
When will my husband change and support me.

Am losing hope in life .. i cry like hell many a times coz of my son i have to live this life

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Sorry  for all trouble you going through..!

Life is not that straightforward, and frictions happen due to expectations and lifestyle.
All people around us are like competitors, no one wants to loose & attack week ones its like Jungle rule.

if they find doing all this does not effect you, they will try other things. by why this situation arise in first place ? 
try to rewind back, to go point where this issue was not there, and how it started.. one need to think from both sides..
this process will take time, as one need to analyze slowly, and then work on being independent emotionally and financially.
Just to satisfy  society one cannot put won life at risk, live for society !!  instead live for yourself.. 



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This is happening since the very beginning i.e just after a week from my marriage now its 5 years..My inlwas are making my life hell

They dont want me and my husband to stay together also they treat my parents family very low, i feel hurt. 

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Its usual family ego, is it possible your husband can change place of work, look for work in some other state ?
its better to be yourself, when you both are free can give time to each other.


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As of now he is in different country my parents are helping me for everything, still there s lot of misunderstandings..he never listen to me..he is blindfolded by his parents..he stay for months without talking to me and my son who is just 19 months

 Former member 2018-02-08 14:45:16


yeh happened, this is issue with long distance communication.
when face to face, its easier to make one understand.. maybe you  should give him time, let him be free for some days, so has time for himself to think..
and you also take your time, try to be independent, it way to take your mind off from these issues, so can think fresh..
when mind is agitated, difficult to think, and one may judge other wrong.
Just take time, be yourself.. world is big..


sanmati 2018-02-13 14:39:06



feel sad for your hard endeavour, may god help you and make you meet your soulmate

ketankokil 2018-02-13 15:40:23


Please add me here, I will counsel and will give you solution for it..

143pra 2018-03-19 18:19:04


Cool... just try to neglect


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