feeling alone in this world .....

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mahya 2016-12-07 23:54:00


What to ddo to avoid tht feeling

dreamer27 2017-01-18 15:54:25


Better have two glasses of water. and just close your eyes think of your most happy memorable moment. Or just dream about. Walk on the streets aimlessly for few mins/hours without talking to anyone. Inhale and feel everyone are around you. 

This what I will do often. It really work well.


Prakriti9 2017-01-20 16:55:31


We have come alone, we will be going alone. All others are just co passengers in the journey of life.. may sound philosophical..but earlier  you realise this, earlier you will stop having expectations from people and life.
Only when you are expecting certain things to happen your way or certain people to behave your way and it does not happen, then you start feeling dejected and when this happens repeatedly, you feel this way- I am all alone..pls I don wanna sound like a Guruji harping on some gyan. But the ONLY person who can help you come out of this feeling is yourself!!! Talk good to yourself, talk positive to yourself, however difficult it could be. First pretend to be, then you will really start feeling good. Keep saying, "I am happy, I am having good friends-- just that today I am my best friend, I will have only good ppol around me..."and remember, in this selfish world, ppol want to be around and with happy people. Not many want to be associated with sad, dull feeling ppol who have problems. so if you want to attract happiness, change yourself first, read some good books, watch a comedy clip on you tube. Block the negative traffic going on in your mind.when you start thinking anything negative, just mentally take a pair of scissors and mentally cut the negative thought. Immediately start thinking something happy--smallest happy memory  it may be.It should be like the red light in traffic..keeps putting a stop to the running traffic to let the traffic on the opposite side move through. Same thing you do - replace negative with positive and realistic thoughts. Do something -a small deed maybe-- good to put a smile on someones face.See how good you will feel. you have to put efforts to come out of the rut you have put yourself into- a conscious , continuous effort!! 

mahya 2017-01-29 13:47:59


really thanks you for the suggestion.....i will do that....i think m not only prson who feels like this....hr.paperfly@gmail.com

mahya 2017-01-29 13:52:10


@prakriti9....thank you for your valuable suggestion n saying yar...it really means a lot to me....sometime i really feel that i should follow the spirutality....it will help my mind to be at peace...without getting negative thoughts in my mind........really  thanks.....
what do you do? where are you from
@dreamer27...thank to you also...will follow what u said to me....... m new to here on these kind of blog....would like to make the frnds with the people who have gone through the same as of mine......if u want u can mail m at...... hr.paperfly@gmail.com


Rainbow1 2017-01-30 07:43:30


Totally agree with Prakriti...it does help. The key to our emotions lie with us only. No one else is responsible for our happiness neither do we are responsible for any one else's.Its like a chain reaction...which takes place everyday in our lives. If we start our day with a positive thought we attract positivity..as far as loneliness is concerned... again we have the key.Do something you love may be just singing loudly and telling your self ...not bad yaar ....make friends with yourself. 

shasha14 2017-02-23 17:13:21


Hi. I am a HR Professional. At times, i am feeling overwhelmed and at sometimes feeling loneliness.... Dont know why!!!! Nevertheless, i am feeling it.... Please suggest me what to be done... where i am lacking. For others i am pouring out heavy suggestions and giving career advices also.... 


mahya 2017-04-04 13:33:23


hi...my feelings also same...sometime happy sometime feeling lonely...whn m working m not feel or think about tht...but when holiday or then this feeling gets strong....i need some career advice...ping me at hr.paperfly@gmail.com

mahya 2017-04-04 13:34:29


@shasha14 hi...my feelings also same...sometime happy sometime feeling lonely...whn m working m not feel or think about tht...but when holiday or then this feeling gets strong....i need some career advice...ping me at hr.paperfly@gmail.com

mahya 2017-04-04 13:35:45


@rainbow1 m trying to overcome that feeling ...lets see....trying to busy myself...thanks yar..

shasha14 2017-04-06 13:30:14


 Check your mail...

Rainbow1 2017-04-11 13:26:31


Hi, Mahya!
Good to see you and happy that my advise has helped you a little. I m sure soon you will be totally out of it. Why don't you keep a daily journal? Just drop a line or two when you really need some company....when you pen down  your thoughts...you definitely  feel better...try it dearðŸ'§

mahya 2017-04-16 20:29:41


@rainbow1 ...hi...how are you? I am not totally out of tht feeling....this feelings gets strong on week ends as not much work....i try to busy but sometime not of use...n really thanks for the company yar....the frnds like you make tht feelings go away....wht you do ? hows ur life going on.....hr.paperfly@gmail.com

jkrmm 2017-05-06 12:58:28


do meditation daily ... and pry god

vivekdutt 2017-06-28 07:18:16


Hi, to introduce myself here, I'm Vivek, a single parent in Bangalore, don't know why I get sometimes too much low, as I am a useless guy, sometimes i am the most powerful and deserving on this planet, unable to understand the situation, it's a new built-up in me since few months now, I am just fighting with it. hope to overcome soon.

 Former member 2017-07-03 14:25:45



I agree with  Prakriti,

Its not practical / Straight forward as she written here.. its extremely difficult.. 

See that one does not depend on another for happiness, support..  be Independent ... and this will bring in difference for good.

try to mingle with friends, do not discuss relationship topics.. do something different.

No point in searching  / hunting  for  "some one"   just live your life.. your way..  try to be you.. live the way you want..

cause often during relationship one tries to bring in changes in others life... called compromise, adjust etc etc.. this causes most issues.

Be good..



mahya 2017-08-01 22:52:26


hi all....hows going on....thanks for your valuable suggestions....getting good n normal in life....did busy myself in work n all....really nice to know you yar.....

 Former member 2018-01-28 12:16:19


Hi Mahya,

I am doing good, back on my feet  :) 


Rainbow1 2018-05-13 00:51:04


Great news Mahya!! Happy for you! Anytime you need any advise I m there... 

Sathya79 2018-06-04 09:35:50


hi good morning how r u had breakfast can we share our thoughts

1541 2018-09-22 01:18:49


Don't worry. I know that feeling lonelyness is very dangerous habit.

mayupune 2019-01-19 11:16:57


Hi.....how r u all.....hows life is going on....really thanks for your advices n all....
now feeling much much better and also getting better in my professional and careers....
always keep in touch though comments friends
mail me at   mayu.pune2@gmail.com

sark 2019-02-16 10:50:21


hai rainbow 1,
                       i need ur advise for my 8 yr old kid

sark 2019-07-10 22:37:36




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