how to manage kids for Moms working in shifts

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prikrish 2016-10-25 19:43:34


i am working in IT. My job starts from 11.30 am and ends by 8.30pm. My son is 4 yrs and studying Jr. KG. His school timings is between 8.30 am and 12.30 pm. My Mother is taking very good care of him when I am at work, but, she is 60 yrs old. I feel guilty that Mom is not able to enjoy her time now, since she was a working women for a long time and she needs to sit back and relax, have quality time of her choice and also I am worried if leaving my son  in daycare or tuition would work as he is too young that he will get stressed out missing us for long time as I am working in shift and would be late to home. My Husband works from 8.00 am till 09 pm, so he would take my son to my house after he comes from office. Please advise for any options.

abidmasthan 2016-10-29 17:28:13


can understand your concern of feeling guilty about your mom's efforts on taking care of kid and they indeed wont say no for any thing :) , I guess your mom is getting enough rest ( if not ensure she gets good sleep at night and some time in day time because of her age) and it is okay for her to play some time with your son when you and your husband are at office and to your note, it is in that afternoon time she takes care and which is fine..... the remaining times, in the evening and in the early morning, you guys are connected with him along with weekends (probably)and I think that is okay. Putting in daycare works when we do not have people at home, let he play with his granny and that bond develops strong and kids learn many things from their grand parents.... eventually it will help you both (Hubby and wife) to get some time for yourself. easy easy, , I think things are at right pace at your side.. this is my honest opinion..  :)

prikrish 2016-11-02 12:23:36


Thanks for your  time abidmasthan. I am satisfied with my lifestyle now and the support from my mom and hubby is more than expected. My son is feeling great with kind of setup in family. Even though he miss us, he is having my mom back at home to have feel safe & secured, I am just worried to give some rest to my Mom as well. I think it will happen as my son grows . Thanks much for your words and I feel little light hearted now.



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