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shrish 2016-09-08 17:40:29


dear friends
       my 1 year of marriage is getting over now.my husband and myself share a good note of understanding.
       my mil is my only fear.she is a single mother.she came to bangalore only after my marriage.she wish to rule the kitchen...rule the house.she just want me to cut vegetables and clean the house like a maid.she took control over me and want me to do things which fits her beliefs.she wish to wake up my husband in the morning for office.
       she cant take control over her son as he is a bit social.she is telling unwanted rumours about my parents and brainwashed my husband.
        things got severe in my head.i have told about this to my husband but he didnt ask his mom anything.he finally sent her to chennai by convincing her with some other reason even though she was not interested.that evil will not allow ua to live alone.does nit give any privacy.she used to wake up even 2 am in the morning if my husband is late to home after office.i hate her
            after sending her to chennai we both came to our native.he then took me back bangalore.the worst part is my poor husband,was scared of my mother in law.he lied to her that he dropped me in my native and took me to bangalore.this is the worst part.anyhow i managed to be with himfor a week alone happily.
          my husband ant take me places and buy me stuffs beacuse of my mother in law.after that he sent me to my native.my depression grew higher and i lacked b12.my mom started worrying about.i jumped from tank due to depression and got ankle fracture
         my husband and mil came for a visit.i forgot everything at that time.she again went back to chennai.my husband stayed with me for three whole weeks,worked from home and made me overcome depression.my mom was also very supportive.soon a family issue arised in my house also.we both told goodbye to my parents and settled in bangalore.
           the only reason for depression is my mother in law.now iam getting better,my leg is ok.but my mother in law is speaking to my husband regularly and yearning to come here
           my situation is
               1.she is a single mother and we acnnot leave her alone.but i dont wish to handle her.but my husband does not have any problem in making her come here
               2.if she continues to be cunning.i cannot leave my mouth shut.because of that will problems come for me
                please give me a solution friends.iam still frustrated and tired

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Sanmsk 2016-11-15 19:22:16


Single Mom will always feel insecure and they think son may go out. So that's the reason she want to keep the son in control.

You are the only person can resolve this. Talking to MIL and making her understand this tough job. So best way is 1st analyze if she don't like anything on what you are doing... Just do analysis, whether in past she mentioned about it. Just pause those activities for few days also make her understand that you left those activities because of her. Also try to gift her something which she likes or prepare her favorite food.

Next. you just ignore what she is talking to your husband. if you ignore she may reduce talking about it. Because if something not making any impact people will do it again.

Talk to your husband freely about your problem. Then conclude what to proceed.

Final Plan, Move out of the city or country for few years

***** This is most common problem in all the home, So don't worry******


 Former member 2018-01-28 12:19:22


KOMPELLA,  gone are those days when before marriage one use to think of couples interests , compatibility, 
now a days marriage is  relationship of social and financial  statues.



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