Responsibilities of men?

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 Former member 2016-03-25 17:50:16


Hi AL Wt r d qualities of men after marriage ? Rather than being a "sperm donor" they shud have some human qualities ...... I c many discussions wherein women s worried a lot abt things after marriage... As of in arranged marriage, it s lyk trusting some stranger to process remaining part f lyf with him... So after marriage if women's behaviour changes or often she has complains abt dt stranger family,is it not becus of d guy whom she trusted?! .... No ladies r getting married to dt stranger guy to spoil his families relationships( TRUSTING SOME STRANGER GUY ARE ONLY BY THE WAY HE COMMUNICATES BEFORE MARRIAGE).... But while dt stranger guy, whom she trusted BLINDLY n his behaviour/activities changes(I.e, being blank , supporting his mother/sister/brthr without considering the girl whom he married) WOMEN'S PROBLEMS RAISES .....


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