My MIL said me to go out of the House.

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2459 2015-04-22 12:08:29


My Son was hospitalised as he was not feeling well due to high fever.

The night when i reached home, i was most frustrated.

I started shouting at the dog in our colony - Due to infection , my kid would have felt sick.

Soon as my MIL got irritated and started shouting at me.

And told that ‘if you are not willing to stay, you and your kid can go out of the house , coz today u r shouting at dog, and tomorrow u might chase us, u and your kid please go out of the house’.

My husband was also silent for this.

i never expected this from my MIL and hubby.

I treated my inlaws as my own parents.

And recently she started insulting me in front of her relative and friends, I cannot tolerate this.

When i asked my husband y is she doing all  these, he replied, what ever her mom is done is always right.

I am again pregnant for my second kid .

Don’t know how do i manage. Also thinking to Abort the Second kid.

Please suggest and help out.

shilpagajendra 2015-04-23 12:14:10


oh god my dear........ dont do this...........  you should hav not taken the second chance but now dnt think abt it. how many months? take care yaar and take help of ur parents. search a job. if you want any help related job mail me on my personal id take care of ur son and take care of urself. ask dr abt this second child.
god bless u and ur son

2459 2015-04-23 15:39:27


I am already working. even people don't respect me.

2459 2015-04-23 15:39:37


Thanks shilpa

shilpagajendra 2015-04-25 12:08:50


if u r already working wat r u thinking? stay separate. ur hubby will come don't worry buy rental flat near ur parents(if they are ready to help you) else find some good baby sitting or full time maid for ur baby. 
be cool do meditation and stay separate this is only the solution. 


2459 2015-04-27 11:04:02


Hmm Thanks.

1434Venki 2015-05-01 09:31:04


Please don't do all those things, try to leave independently and try to question your MIL. That is not bad if you abuse something to your MIL. Our life is very small, in that small life we need to lead and we need to enjoy our life.

shilpagajendra 2015-05-04 10:13:14


i m agree with 1434venki


2459 2015-05-05 14:25:48


Also, people say that, Daughter in law should bear any kind of problems,
Also they curse my kids.
I need to have good mentality, only then my kids will have good health.
I help my sis-in laws and everyone in the family.
what mentality should i have i don't know 

rajat271981 2015-08-09 12:54:44


dont think of abortion
first give birth to your child
and try to become indepent in life by doing some job.
and try to convince your husband that we are a family
and we have to live together for the rest of life
things will change with time

emmanuelleorn65 2015-10-05 20:46:57


Ive got only one reply , Go to the Womens Police Station and raise a Harassment Case !!!! Ur In laws need to be Jailed for this , Either ur husband needs to have the guts to stand up to ur Inlaws !!!!! Ive fought with my Mother when she called my Wife Words , Words which I cant Explain , this clearly explains that ur husband has no affection towards u !!!! Is ur husband financially secure , first !!!!! 
Ask ur husband this ,  " If your Mother is always right , Was ur father always Wrong and also ask him if ur Mother is so right Why the hell did u Marry me " , After this if he says I'll divorce you or anything , Just file a harassment case with the Womens Police !!!!! ur in laws and ur husband will be counting bars !!!!! 


 Former member 2015-12-04 14:05:06



Should have planned for next child..
anyway.. now first preference is your health and control emotional stress..
if you parents and other family members are supporting then seek their help, or else you need to manage till you deliver, then decide about your in laws, husband.. what u want to do.. but see that you have support, cause life is not as easy and straight forward as we think or talk about  it...

take care..


param27 2015-12-28 19:06:08


first think of ur self and make ur elf strong...

pravso 2016-02-01 18:20:42


HI 2459,
If you are still following this post... Its funny to see how you shouted at one dog and another dog shouted back at u..:-D (Clan Defense)
On a more serious note... the baby that u are carrying right now is a blessing from God (don't consider it as from ur hubby).
It was given to u to b raised and raised with confidence. Don't abort.
You are working already which is ur positive. Women these days are really very capable of raising kids alone. The number of single mom's in Bangalore is simply astonishing. 
I'm not encouraging you to leave ur hubby and in laws here. I'm just telling you that u will always have support in any decision that you take. And of course yes, if ur husband is humanely he surely wouldn't allow you ta take any hard decisions in life.
To deal with your MIL, the best i can suggest is to leave her alone. Some ppl are just not worth talkin to. She wud never understand.
It's not worth throwing a stone into gutter and getting your own favorite dress dirty as its only gonna splatter the slime back at u.
Stick on to it.
Hope your second child is the lucky charm that your life needs. May be his/her arrival will bring back happiness and satisfaction in your life. 
Hope all goes well. Please write back if you had the kid if u happen to read this post anytime.


Parent69 2016-02-08 14:52:46


Hi. In long run people always flock towards peace and settlement. Your hubby will definitely realize and return to you. Be calm and maintain your economic stability.

Nikita0108 2016-02-09 23:12:25


I see some men cant just make things easy for women by stating the obvious. Ideally, if your husband though remained silent in front of his mom can come to you later and say - "Please ignore what my mom said. As a mom, I know what you are going through" - these words would have made you feel lil better.  

I am not sure saying what I can pacify you. I had been through similar situations, I am so perplexed why marriage?! 

I try to watch something funny to take away the pressure. Or listen to some good music. But when you have to attend your kid and when with your in-laws you may not get time for these.
Just remember some good quotes. Save them in your mobile and keep looking at them. 

The tighter you try and hold on to something you are afraid of losing, the more you are pushing it away.

Thoughts that you don’t want to lose something are filled with fear, and if you continue with those thoughts, what you fear the most will come upon you.


Think that someday you will be appreciated by your husband in front of his parents. Think that you will have nice bond with your MIL. Think that your children are happy being pampered by their grand parents.

Its not that easy as I say. Its an irony in fact, as I am here to share my bond with MIL and how to make it better. We are there for eachother and lets make our lives only better and best day by day. Take Care.



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