Cunning husband

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2459 2015-01-19 16:11:54


Yes, people say wife should always support husband.
Staying in joint family and getting bul shit words from others is always easy and tough too.
For my husband whatever his relative say thats always right.
Never consider mine.
whenever he wants money/ or loan acts as though he compromised with me and suggests me but later, after sometime - again same story is repeated.
are girls meant only for money ):
I don't have dad,  

2459 2015-01-19 16:15:37


My dad expired in my young age, my husband often tells me that - i should divorce him and stay without husband like my mom.
So unfair, to talk about our parents.
as i don't have father my husband is taking advantage about it.
"Every daughter needs a father"


Kishoreto 2015-01-23 16:56:51


hey dont feel like that.i understand ur every home wife facing the same problems. my wife also feels sometimes.but we managing.we need to support both.
but i oppose what ever he said about ur father.thats wrong. try to convence him. this is the life.
i dont know wat to say more ......


Prahaladmom 2015-01-31 20:11:17


hI 2459..more or less my story is also the same..i have neither father nor mother..All the time I am being blamed and accused for whatever happens on a daily basis.

What I say to myself is ..we should not lose the focus.try to stay calm. main goal is to bring up the child with happiness and peace of mind around..I pray that all ur problems gets settled soon..



justbng 2015-02-05 15:47:46


Hi 2459,
I belive that weather its Men or Women both need to be respected there is not gender precedence. My suggestion, if your working and earning, then what is that your fearing off...


aman007 2015-02-24 11:40:46


Hi friends, 2459, its very hard baring all those shitty words. I lost my parents years ago. And relatives too doesnt even care for meh. Stay hard. Dont lose hope. I suggest try to xplain ur hubby wat u r going through. Good luck mam

karthickk 2015-02-24 13:52:43


Hi 2459,

is too bad mam....try to explain all your feeling to ur hubby mam...he is trying to neutralize to both u and his parents.what to do...:(


aman007 2015-02-28 18:10:27


C 2459, evry relation is based on money nowadays. So dont think only u suffering in this world. And lemme tell u somethng, life itself is mixture of sorrows, burdens, hurdles, happines, etc...., evry one will suggest u in all their possible ways, no wrong in tat, cos each individual has their own opinions, but ultimately its U who gonna face the reality of ur life, not us. U gotta face it for ur sake also for ur child sake. No ones gonna stand for u, even not ur hubby(sad part). Its not us whom u gonna ask, ask ur hubby, nd ur in laws. Face the reality, once u start facing these troubles then they r not at all big issues.

s0703 2015-03-02 06:10:43


Hi everybody,sorry to interfere in ur conversation. I was going through the words of 2459,Prahaladmom and others,why u people r feeling that ur father or mother is no more always have faith and believe that after departing from this world they r always with us for our we'll beings ,this my experience of life.
Mam don't show ur weakness,always speak the positive side of ur how she bought you up single handed/ how u got the good and positiveness in life without both the parents/talk in general about the draw backs of with or without parents whenever this topic comes up,than see the results.
First u be with positive vibes this will bring positive vibes in ur children and they will become strong,this positive attitude will change ur husbands way of thinking.
last not but the least "the other person who's stomach is full can't understand the importance of hunger or feelings of a Hungry man" as much u try to explain that much they make statements of be positive write ur emotions in a day it would be a guiding force to ur children and may be to the world.
All the best .
Being a children & adult counsellor  I wrote u.

2459 2015-03-03 12:41:15


I thank everyone for all your suggestion.
My husband is changing slightly.


aman007 2015-03-03 14:17:05


Tats a gud news

cherab 2015-03-12 12:08:10


Hi 2459

I can totally understand your situation. Being a woman is not easy right from childhood.
But, after marriage, a woman is more a mom than a wife. When God gifted us a child, its totally with the mom to bring him/her as a confident and good human. Its time for us to geer up as parent and re-live the life with the child all over again. Nothing will impact or stop you when your see the child's smile. Its the power of being mom that keeps many women survive all hardships. Its the way ur mom brought u up!! She must be your role model!

shilpagajendra 2015-03-27 15:14:46


all the best 2459

RajuPitchuka 2015-04-10 07:04:09


All the best 2459. Somehow I am not comfortable with the title of this discussion. But as you say he is changing, its good news. There are no cunning husbands or cunning wifes in world :).


 Former member 2015-12-04 14:55:10


its not cunning.. !

I see that people try to manage/control or try to make things happen  politically and diplomatically. 
of both talk their heart and minds with out backdoor ideas. things will be better !


saruav 2015-12-21 19:37:59


hey can we talk by e mail or whtsapp???

param27 2015-12-28 19:01:49


hi all


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