Comparison evil

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Surekahem 2014-10-10 10:56:48


How to tackle comparison...I feel like ignoring whatever they talk..still it is I have started to stay away..

My son may also get the same time I don't want to be harsh on them....

I just want to tell....comparison is natural when there is more than one kid....but if we express that explicitly,,,kids ll start to hate with whom they are compared....they ll lose anything extra I have to say..pls tell me...

subhavijayasri 2014-10-29 15:00:02


Why should comparison be natural?
Every child is unique - even if they are siblings.  I never compare.  Even when my kids start to compare with each other or with frnds, i explicitly tell them they are unique - their thoughts / ideas / likes / dislikes are unique - and they should respect each others' likes - even if they disagree with it.  They can always agree to disagree.



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