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2459 2014-08-06 12:46:06


I have the problem with my sis-in law and her husband, Mother in law.
My Sis-in law wants to rule the family, never lives to be with privacy.
sis- in law always expects my husband to follow her words.
Here she refers to sis-in law.
she always commands me, 
Once she also slapped me, telling me to die.
And now even after 3 years, shes telling me to 'get out of house' - How do i bear this.
she doesn't concentrate on her family always pinching me.
insulting me by throwing bad/vulgar words in front of everyone.
and now no one supports me at home - they say i should adjust and go to her.
I am working and i have kid of 1 year.
Kindly some one give me the solution how do i come out of it.

bujju2010 2014-08-06 14:14:52


First of all, do they stay with u?
If u stay with them, then move out.
Seek help from ur husband.
Speak to ur m-in-law that u love them and try to win here attention.
I feel that your husband should be at your side. If nothing works, then move out from the home.
U r working, so go ahead.


2459 2014-08-09 22:29:24


Thanks for your reply They stay close by to us They come everyday Without seeing my husband and mil she cannot stay alive it seems

 Former member 2016-03-27 07:15:30


Hi Hw r you? Hw s ur lyf gng on now?? Even I had such situation.... Though v stay far away she comes thru my hubby phone lyk monster.. Wt rights they got and hw dare dey tlk or behave lyk dis!? This will change only if my hubby stops her ruling els it s gng to b d same... I hope ur situation must have changed so plz share me on how to handle such things?!?

anjumom 2016-07-01 19:06:22



  I might be late in replying. Hope by now your situation is improved and leading a very happy life. If its still the same please talk to your husband. The way you communicate to him is most important. Ensure you convey that you don't want to ruin his relationship at the same time wanted a free life. If your SIL wants to see her brother and mother everyday ask your husband and your MIL to go to her home and meet. This way partially you can be distanced. But, ensure you have to win everyone by involving yourself frequently. Else this will not work. All the best. Wish you come out of this situation soon.



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