Single Parent (Loneliness) by choice - right or bad decision

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A fallout of my friends life:
After 25years of married life, situation forced him to choose seperation. All these 25 years the only complaint on him from his wife was that he was not loving and caring. He gave the best life style and best education for wife and kids. He is a factory engineer by profession and his wife choose teaching after marriage inspired by husbands in laws. He never interfered in wife's education and career. He was a reserved guy while wife was out-spoken, social. She managed her income seperately, for her studies, partly for kids education and for sponsoring school fees for some needy children. Currently she heads a educational department by her determination to grow in career and has many Masters degree. 8 years ago, she fell into extra-marital affair with a person (married also) and reasoned it as that he shared views and gave the expected love. One kid in college finals and going to shape his life soon. Second kid in higher secondary. Sad part is that even kids are supporting the affair and had accepted the new affair as foster parent. They go out together as family often. Poor Husband was neglected totally, recently. Even no food for him. He had to cook seperately or eat outside. Now, he had become a bad husband and bad father, by his bad reactions on the affair. In such a situation, he had to choose and got divorced. I still see her action as insane. Is it a right decision by the husband after 25years of married life?. Was he really cruel and would he have not showed any care, affection in these 25 years?. Did not they have any positive moments in their 25 years of togetherness?. If he was cruel and not caring, could she have grown in career and added many degree to her name?. In my opinion, he was just a reserved character and not done cruelty. Now the husband lives alone. Should he reunite or get a new life?. Will the growing up second boy in his teen's be affected by this developments?. Definitely she will have a happy life as now with children and the new companion. But is she not spoiling the life of the husband and the new affair's own family?.
Our interventions and advice to keep affairs, differences out and lead a healthy life forgetting past have not worked.


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