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itssutapa 2014-01-08 17:42:45


Not sure how to start..i am feeling so lost….there are so many aspect of me feeling so.. I will start one by one:- 

To start with I am working as a Asst. Manage in  one of the Big Four companies, I stay with my husband & 2.2 yr old son. Working is important for me since we have a loan to repay & considering the rising cost â€" I cant afford to leave it. But I miss my son’s growing up days…these days are not going to come back again. I leave home at 7.30 am & its 7 when reach home in the evening. Hardly get 2-3 hrs per day to spend with him.


Secondly, for some days I  am not feeling good about my job --- it’s not that I hate my job …some how there is a mismatch of wavelength with my colleagues. But I love the company, love the profile & love my boss â€"she is my role model. Along with job I also like to do something which I enjoy..like I have a fascination to learn Deutsche , but due to lack of time & lack of facilities near my home I am missing those.


I miss my hometown a lot. Miss those carefree days where I used to go out with my friends â€"endless chit chat, movies, eating out, shopping & what not…. Here I do not have a single friend … if I have to go out, have to go with my husband only. My husband is nice person  - some of the cases very supporting, caring. But at the same time too much diplomatic. If I like something I say that openly & if I don’t like some thing I let that also known. But its hard to have any conversation with him â€" he will always be at his diplomatic best. I tried to have a conversation with hime about how I feel â€" but as per him giving good, costly gifts is enough to show your love & affection. I don’t remember when was the last time we had gone for a movie, gone eating out. Even if we go out some time, its me who have to book the tickets, book table etc…it feels like I am dragging him without his interest. In our 4 yrs of marriage, we have not taken any vacation together â€"with just only us. According to him, if it’s a holiday â€"it should be an entire big group. Don’t know how do I make him understand  that spending some alone time â€"with only both if us, is important. 

Rubu 2014-01-21 11:11:31


You Just need a big HUG. I feel like this sometimes. And then I am back to normal. 

Hang in there, it would get better with time



ash7 2014-01-28 14:16:52



I know this feeling..... you feel everything is happening wrong with you..dont worry many are with you... as of your colleagues, they are same whichever company you go(wavelenghts never match)..

and you can learn Deustche online whenevr you are free( you will not be a master of it but you can be jack)

you can enjoy alone...go shopping alone sometimes its fun, you dont have to listen to anyone take opinions...just do what you want

and no husbands are perfect they are the same....no matter what  you try and do neither of you will understand each other completely, so dont go to bug him ...he is the way he is... enjoy the gifts he buys you and make him buy you more....

and  next time when you want to go on vacation tel him "lets go for our next honeymoon" ,( you cant go with a crowd for honeymoon)


Rubu 2014-01-29 13:04:26



I need to learn some tips from you..


Your tips are perfect.




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