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7 2012-03-21 17:41:07


 I am married since 7 years and mine is a love marriage and I have a son who is in KG. We got married against our parents so, Initial days were very difficult and we both struggled a lot but the Love between us was their, he used adjust well, I also adjust a lotttt, if I am not well he used take care of me very well. But now it’s all upside down. So much misunderstanding, much quarrels, he shows his anger every now and then. My life is becoming miserable. I can’t share with my parents, since they think that I am leading a happy life. There are no big problems as such …small problems combined together become a big problem. Some one please help me in giving some suggestions.

anusai2008 2012-03-21 18:16:04



i understasnd ur concern....Marriage s all about


Bcos of the daily routine , we would hav forgotton to say "i love you,how much he means to u....give him a greeting card , if u ve someone to take care of ur son, leave him wid tem, going out on a candlite dinner , giv him a gift,send him sms that he s ur lfy....start loving as u met him before marriage...after kid...our priority changes, men cant take it....tey feel ignored.....

most than everything beleive in god..he will help u thru....jus leave all the mess happened n after reading my rply send a msg....bring bac ur love....


goood luck 


7 2012-03-22 10:04:39


 Thank you so much 


id 2012-03-22 14:27:13


Just go through the book "The Secret " . Read it , Follow it your whole life will change. I hv tried Its an amazing book. 



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