Is it right to deprive a Father to love and care his child ?

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RobinAdhikari 2012-03-02 07:00:50


I wonder whether personal differences between spouses make them insensitive to the parenetal responsibilities ?  Here is a case where parents separated but  the father wants to love and care his child.. Mother does not allow the child to meet his Father... only to humiliate and harass her husband in this way .. Not allowing the father to meet the child in school too... what will happen to the psyche of the child ? whether he will grow a good person ? The sad part of it is the child  holds the uncle (mother's brother as his biological father and not the real father). How disturbing . Who will counsel  the lady ? Women's organisations ? Police ? Advocates ? Courts ? All of them are upto getting their pound of flesh.  Who would care for the child

 Former member 2012-03-06 10:26:20


 HI Robin,

I think no one can stop a father if he is willing to provide care for his child...U can surely approach the court...But a child requires love n care from both parents constantly...just staying with him for a few days or hours...try to find out a permanent solution...try to work it out with ur wife...Nothing is impossible.If u want ur child to grow with a good stress free psychology, u should try.

just for meeting court is one can stop u.



Droy85 2014-07-04 09:16:27


Hi Robin  

I am single mother . I believe that if a father is willing , then he has to take the correct legal steps to secure rights from the court for regular visitation to child . Also, if the bitterness withyour ex-spouse has melt down over the years , then you guys can start meeting each other again . If you are in Bangalore, then i can suggest You some good lawyers who have fought for the fathers' rights . do let me know in case you need their names


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