do u love ur mother in law? yes i love her a lot?????

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preetyslim 2012-02-23 10:46:43


 hi all,in todays life everybody is busy... i was also a busy female running in mumbai trains from morning to evening with a good job.... but once ur married ur responsiblities differ... ur in the family which is unknown to u .. the style of living the eating habits,outing habits,, everything differs from family to family.... but i am quite lucky fo rthat when i was welcomed to my hubbys place after marraige my MIL adjusted with me in all ways.. i tried my best to get adjust with there type of living but then to there r always different fundas..... slowly and steadily things were good enough.. and after spending all long six years with my MIL i have really understood that she has adjusted with so many things with me..... i really thank her for that...... i love u MIL........

praxy 2012-02-23 16:14:22


good thread started!!!! good subject!! a thread run long appriciating hubby!!!!!!
now its turn of MIL... but very few lucky women can join here as all of us know most of d women have small or big problems wid MIL...

but very well said by preeti... its time to think from different corner.. as v find difficult to adjust wid her, she too would b finding it difficult..

but let me tell u, my MIL have accepted me from her heart though i m love married from other cast.. v both have lot of adjustment over a 7 years of period..

i know all ladies r not lucky enough and many MILs,keeps remaining worse basically coz they r possesive 4 their sons after growing him 4 25-30 years and then find difficult to accept son's wife in her life...but lets give time to her too.. lets understand her as an another woman... if v contiue being pure at heart and keep patience, some day she has to accept though she can not finally she s also a woman and a human being..






sachpreet 2012-03-03 10:33:34


You both are really lucky........Thank God for this.



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