V-day : How much matter after 4-5 year of marrige

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Swati83 2012-02-14 13:57:09


Hi All,

Today is Valantine day. Though its not an indian festival but now days gettiing much hype in india also.

After 4-5 years of marrige, how many of us really think this day matter to us.

What is your view PT viewers??

jishnu2011 2012-02-14 16:04:20


our elders say why do u have only one day in a year to say: i love you...if you have love in your heart for your dear one, you can say this everyday...thing is now a days life is so stressful with so much strain, pressure, work etc. that we hardly have quality time to seat and spend with our dear ones...

this is one day when you can dedicate yourself fully to your dear one and the best part is that this will be remembered next year too...

yes, swati, i am also married for almost 6 yrs now so we just said: happy valentines day to each other looking at each other eyes...that is enough:) as i had to go to office, take care of our son and then in the evening so tired to think of anything else or going out:(

so, chill and enjoy as the day goes on...


ritusaurabh 2012-02-14 18:16:22


Our marriage has past the 5 year term and we are not having anything special, but I bought my wife a small gift and she called me at office and told me she was making something special for dinner today.

I think this is more than required for a valentine's day celebration. Not necessarily you need to go to a pub or a club and shake a leg or party.

I agree to jishnu's message of why wait for one day to say I love you :)


PS1982 2012-06-02 10:02:46


Everyone to his own...as they say....!!! We, indians....have been cribbing a lot off lately...that how this western culture is being corrupting our "culture".

Why shud we need a day to celebrate or convey our feeligs.....but honestly....tell me how many times in a days.....or in days or months....do we really tell our partner....tht we appreciate what he or she does..... or a simple "i love you"..... we dont really do tht.... or do we?

So, why not take out a day out of day and say those appreciative words....wen everyone in the world is saying it.... u may say it grande....u may make it a pvt affair....its a personal thing.....

It really makes a difference ...trust me on tht one :) !



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