Issues after 18 years - need advice

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ramac 2012-01-04 02:33:41


We were married 18 years ago while we were at 25 and 21 respectively and had a decent married life untill last year with 2 children aged 15+ and 10 respectively.  

Of course I had lived a very stressed life at work for the last 5+ years and I began to be relaxed since a few months. 

Now, there is not  a day without vociferous arguments on any issue. My wife usually is a happy-go-lucky person, but I find her becoming unfriendly. Instead of cementing the relationship more stronger after this long, I find we are in a funny situation. Today anything can cause a spark between us. Whereas she is able to find the required solace outside with her friends, I am finding the situation at home always unhappy.  I somehow feel me and our children are getting disadvantaged due to this. 

I tried solutions like leaving her alone giving time and space for a few days when she gets upset, discussing every possible issue openly, but  the frustration between us keeps coming back in some form again and again making the married life untenable..

There are no financial problems, health issues, or any other issues like the inlaws issues etc., in the family - but for this recent development. We live in the USA and we come from families with traditional background.       

Is it the result of my stressed life few life earlier - but I have been undoing all that for the past few months.  

Any good out of the box solutions for getting back our good old relationship back on rails, are welcome!  Thank you!!

Tbbt 2014-04-09 21:14:40


Am surprised that no one responded to this one! Maybe, folks over here haven't been in a relationship this long..

Ramac: I can identify to a certain extent with you. Since the post is almost a year old, I do hope you have moved on and found some peace within.



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