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Bumblebe 2011-11-07 16:48:44


Hi!I have a 12 year old daughter who does not want take instructions from my wife and I.We try to instill some sort of discipline in her but to no avail.She does not respect  her parents and her elders.She should perform well at school but lately her grades have dropped drasticly.I also try to teach her to have the right morals and ethics but she can't seem to hear us. We are concerned that she will grow up not having the qualities that she needs to be successful.What should we do?

aanchal 2011-11-07 17:51:27


at 12 the child is probably undergoing puberty changes..the hormonal changes during puberty, along with the many psychological problems of adolescence really make it difficult for teenagers to 'behave'. you may have to be more friendly than disciplinarian, as a parent. the identity crisis that teenagers experience is best handled by parents to prevent too much of peer-influence. talk, chat, spend good time, bond, and then go about imparting wisom of morals and ethics, as the latter is something she is already aware of. so repeated explanations of values and moral will make her irritated.

dont worry about having good qualities for future life. i am sure she possesses all the good qualities..its just the bad phase of her life that's making her behave in a different way.


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