Why fast on karva chauth?

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Swati83 2011-10-14 14:18:14


Why do you fast on karva Chauth?

some fast because they don't have a choice(In-laws pressure). Then some believe in the tradition & fast for their hubby's long life, very few said it's a romantic gesture.
Also for some its a day to shop, dress up and make their men fall in love all over again. What is your reason ladies?

PiaKaushik 2011-10-14 14:27:48


Lovely topic Swati......though I dont celebrate the function... but will surely love to knw the reasonings from PT viewers.........


sachpreet 2011-10-14 18:31:19


Tomm. is Karvachauth.Exactly same question is coming to my mind.I'm fasting from 9 years.Before marriage also i was fasting.But now after more than 5 years of marriage i'm thinking about it's reason because to some extent romantic feelings faded with time.I believe in Tradition also & fast for hubby's long life.But Why there is "giving gift" system to mom-in-law.When the whole year she poisons the ears of her son against her daughter-in-law.What to do if there is hatred factor between saas & bahu.If something bad happened to her son she puts total blame on her daugher-in-law. Should a wife fast for her husband evenif she don't like her husband's mom.Due to his mom many time conflict arises between huband & wife.A wife should fast or not if there is no communication between saas & bahu.Because to some extent a bahu have to communicate with saas & saas have to communicate with bahu.


Swati83 2011-10-17 10:54:39


Hi Sachpreet

I dont agree with your point completly. I do understand there is lots of conflict between Sah and bahu .. may be due to different thinking, generation gap, but at the end of story she is the one who has given you her son.

I m not saying u r worng, I do have some conflicts with my MIL, but that ok yar. Karwachoth  gives u chance to forget everything and start again  :) . I have completed 5 years of my marrige but in every karwachouth, I try my best to give something special to MIL.

Be positive , Be happy :)


 Former member 2011-10-17 11:09:00


Swati...hey nice topic start.

Sat i kept Karvachauth fast for my Hubby for his long life and good health.Well no doubts good time to pamper ourselves too,well i have completed 6 years of marriage and my hubby also keep fast for me..i feel lucky for that..

i also feel at even kids can see and know different festivals of our culture.


Ronn 2012-02-11 13:57:29


Hi Guys - An interesting discussion, specially between Sachpreet & Swati. For some compelling reason feel the need to participate in this discussion, so please brear with my views.

At first, I have & will never ask anyone to fast for my wellbeing. Althought its mandated by tradition, I do not see any merits in the same.

On the MIL front, if the awkward feeling/conflicts gets unbearable, draw the lines with immediate effect. I agree that in a family, conflict are bound to rise. Its these conflicts which gets us closer & lovable. However, if these conflict lead to nowhere or inconclusive, you might as well deal with it in a manner best fit.

Mothers & wives will always debate over thier sons/husbands. Trust me, finding a middle ground is the sole responsibility of the husband. Keeping silent or sleeping on the issue, wishing it to go away is like living in a fools paradise.

Trust you guys would find that middle ground & may the force be with you. Cheers - Rohan



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