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i totally am with love with this school its got so much of experience and gives your child a lot of exposre!i have been sending my child to this scholol and it has a really diffrent way of teaching in a really good way then have games while there are studing and it s just amazing


It's a very good school in Noida for student's growth, Very supportive staff. 


Shiv Nadar school is much better than Pathways Noida. Your honeymoon with IB and IGCSC education will soon be over once you put your child in Pathways Noida and you will be looking for CBSE options for your child. So my advise to you well in advance is that consider Shiv Nadar. There has been a lot of students and faculty from pathways noida shifted to Shiv Nadar school.


As a parent at Pathways School Noida for three yeas now I feel the school is the best choice for any parent who looks into the IB curriculum. I have seen the drastic change in terms of knowledge and the overall personality in both my children, one in the PYP and the other in MYP curriculum. The learning at Pathways Noida for a child is remarkable. I am totally satisfied and feel that as a parent I've taken the best decision for the future of my kids. Keep it up Pathways Noida!!


I was not happy with pathways noida. The junior school principal mrs Usha Lamba is a very money minded lady. She wants to admit children on the basis of their Parent's net worth. The principal and teachers are at first very nice when they want to admit your child because they are looking at your purses once you are in then they are the most rude people you have ever met. There are so many unnecessary expenditures the parents are made to do in the name of charity. Every event in school you have always donate for the same cause over and over again, the school sends email reminders for the same too. If the parents want to know about the progress of X project for which charity was given..the school people have no answer. This seems very fishy to me. Furthermore...I am surprised that about one third of the student population is of faculty. Right from the admin guys, receptionist to teachers..everyone has either one or both wards studying in pathways noida considering that this is a very expensive IB school !!!! All this seems very fishy and there is more than what meets the eye.


The best thing about an IB school is that it guarantees 15 years of happiness and meaningful engagement to a child... and in last 3.5 years of stay at Pathways Noida (my son joined the early years daycare section and is currently in Nursery) I have seen how happy and engaged my child is. He comes home everyday with a story of 'HIS' learning instead of what the teacher 'taught'... at Pathways each child is allowed to wonder and respond at his own level and their thinking capabilities are sharpened- a prerequisite in today's challenging and ever changing world. He talks sense;  estimates a group of objects kept at a distance; uses mathematical vocabulary like lighter and heavier; reads simple story books without anyone's intervention; looks at picture books and explains to us what these characters must be talking (I was pleasantly surprised when he picked up a picture book and told me that 'here these people will not talk, I have to do the talking for them'!); sings songs in different languages (he taught me few new words in Maori language); and most importantly cares for people and environment (he cleaned up the trash at a bday party and told me that some bad people have made the place dirty... i will tell Ms Lamba - the school principal- about it).

I genuinely thank Pathways Noida for maintaining and nurturing his natural curiosity through the inquiry approach; and not ruining his happiness by making him trace one letter 20 times.... Kudos to the teachers also for making my son an independent worker and not pressurizing him/us for things which really don't matter in the long run . You are teaching him some very essential skills which i am indebted to. 


A year ago we shifted from Bangalore to Noida and I was looking out for a good IB school (International Baccalaureate) My son had been studying IB in Bangalore. Also Pathways school year starts in August and no other school would give us admission in the middle of the term. So I went and met this admission person Ms. Monica. At first it all seemed nice, however i soon realised that a lot of incorrct information was being given to me. Since my son was already studying in an IB school, i was familiar with the way of teaching, but what the admission person was telling me was totally different. Then i met the junior school principal. She is very knowledgable and i was happy to see her vision for the kids. Eventually we did not go ahead with Pathways because we could see no blend between the staff. it is important for a school to have a common vision, a common goal. Then the children also become more focused and clear. But in my initial interaction i saw so much of confusion and mismatch, I didn't want to take the risk.


We were looking for a good school with IB and this seemed to be the only school in NOIDA which claimed to be fully IB based. However reality is very different. Do not be fooled by the big claims that they make on their website and in their advertisements. Their only aim is to be able to extract maximum money out of parents. They will try to scare them and make them believe that the kids need additional counselling so that they can charge additional money for counseller who are ill qualified at best. ( This seems to be on similar patteran the same as in their Gurgaon Branch -- see review on this website ). My Son, who is extremely intelligent ( with a high IQ ) was projected by them as a student with learning disability. He has undergone tests by leading doctors and psychologists, who have declared him to be free from any learining disabilities. On speaking to some of their current and Ex faculties ( in private ) we came to know that they are only interested in kids from families who have pots of money and no time for their children so that they can have an easy life while the which the school can milk their money. They strongly advised against admitting children of non business families in Pathways as the focus is on Money making rather than Education. Wonder how they got IB certification ?




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