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The infrastructure is very nice and hygienic. I am impressed with the way my child is being taken care of in the school. The staff is cooperative and loving towards children. I am satisfied with the performance of my child. It is the best play school. Thanks Gennext School for your contribution towards the growth of my child.


The infrastructure of the school is actually really impressive and so are the services offered. I am satisfied with the performance and growth of my child. It gives me immense happiness when i see my child progressing. I see the difference in my child when i compare with other children from other schools.


Gennext gives my wife and me a sigh of relief at our workplace. As we work in Noida, distance for us from our home is our biggest constraint. Homely and educative environment lets us work with a free mind. Growth of our child satyam is progressive. Gennext has turned out to be a good school for us and for almost every parent working nearby plus from educative point of view -Montessori and learn by doping concept gives more imaginative exposure to my child .


@Abhi totally agree with you. They haven't refunded our security money too.


It is a wonderful place for kids.Their live video streaming is a great comfort for the parents...Teachers are nice and humble. Individual attention to the child is key to the school. It is worth value for money Kavita


This school exceeds expectations. I had read a lot of negative feedback about this school however still thought of visiting the school to have a look for my son's admission. As mentioned by a few people on various websites, the infrastructure of the school is actually really impressive, while i was waiting in the school's visitors lounge, i was wondering how the staff would be to interact with and it came as a surprise to me. The Admin office staff were extremely helpful and great to speak to, so i took my chances and admitted my son in Gennext. Its now been 1.5 years that my child has been going to Gennext and trust me the school is excellent. I thought of posting this review so that other keen parents like me don't hesitate aimlessly just becoz a few parents did not have a good experience. Every school has rules and if we as parents keep failing to abide by the rules we will eventually face some difficulty and that would happen everywhere. All I can stay is that we are extremely happy with the school and no matter how many times we thank the teachers for their efforts that would not be enough. You would only realize the difference when you see your child in between other children from other schools.


There are quite a few playschools in Sec-62 Noida. I saw all of those. When I went to Gennext I met Mr Manish, who seemed to be a very sensible gentleman. He spent two hours with us on how great their school is and how they are different from others. On top of that they had great infrastructure. I got impressed and enrolled my daughter there. But on day one itself I realised that I had made a mistake. They had no plan for the childrens first day at school. Imagine a 2 year old being taken to a classroom on day one. All the parents suggested that the children should be taken to the playarea but the school authorities did not budge. A quarter has passed and th childern are hardy taken to the play area. They are made to sit in the classrooms then taken to the day care where they put a TV and children sit on chairs and watch TV. The only activies that are done in the school are crayon painting. There are no other craft activities either. The biggest problem of the school is the principal who is very high headed and has no leadership. I wonder how she became principal in the first place. The mails that she sends out are so poor that even a 10th class student would compose better mails. She has no vision and no ideas. I would request all parents who consider putting their kids in Gennext to think twice.


Not a good play school. Please don't get attracted by infrastructure. Forget about your security amount (around 6000) you will never get back.


They only plus point of the school is that they have a hygienic day care. Apart from that there is nothing worth the hefty they charge. Very money minded, admin is not cooperative at all and highly irresponsible. They just do not want to face/answer parents and try to avoid them. Once you have admitted your kid to the school, they can do whatever they wish to do starting from raising the fee(tution, transportation, admission, uniform all in one go) to changing their meals menu and timings to dont know what else. I wont suggest it to someone who looks for value for money. At the name of activities, they only get coloring done and I have not seen any stage/public facing activites happening in the school.


My daughter is the first student to enrol at Gennext and she's going to school for close to two years now. I don't know what other parents look for in a playschool, but my husband and I looked for an airconditioned, safe environment with a very low student:teacher ratio, well-mannered and positive headmistress and teachers, safe transport to drop the child home, and above all, a place that my child will love to go to. I'm satisfied with Gennext on all these parameters. True, not all teachers will be the same and some of them will surely outshine others. Isn't that the order of the day? In spite of being a school topper myself, I know for sure that I'm not looking for a playschool which teaches my daughter addition and substraction, or the art of cramming. I'm looking for a safe and comfortable place which engages her in colouring, prayers, rhymes, games, helps her interact with children of the same social strata, and brings her back home in time for a hearty lunch and a relaxed afternoon nap. For all of these and for the peace of mind with which I can work at my workplace, I have consciously decided to pay the hefty fees they charge. Those who find it difficult to bear the expenses should exercise good judgement and look for cheaper and reliable alternatives. There just may be some. Pointless to begin a child's growing years with resentment and bad feelings.


Gen Next claims to be a hi-fi school for toddlers. No doubt you go there and you feel it must be one with the infrastrcuture they have, but put your child and you might be in a RUDE shock. 1) No planning. They give feedback after a week. Would you remember what your child did a week ago, wonder how their teachers remeber. 2) You cannot call a teacher to enquire about your child. ONly saturdays you can enquire. Infromal enquries lead to complain from the teachers that parents are too nosy 3) The food menu is for adults. First of all they say we cannot tell you the school menu as they are not sure a day before what they will serve the child. And when you get the menu, it says rasam, manchurian, for kids 1-2 years old. 4) Bag for kids is the best. A jute bag that one can find in janpat. are you kidding me? 5) Money is their only motive. You pay you stay or else, you can be called from office to pick up your child without givign reasons, as they give you some discount and months later decide they want the discount back and hence ask you to pay or leave and that too on a day's notice without any discussion. They follow my way or the highway approach. 6) Children? who are they? They dont know what they will teach next month. They dont want to share the curicullum , you have to request to know what is being taught. 7) Teachers are not upto the mark. Day-boarding teacher could hardly speak english herself and with bad tenses. Headmistress is the worst. She is a arrogant and bossy lady. Does not want to listen to you, but tell you what is wrong with you but not the school. No information about child is noted down. She feels she is a computer who remembers everything she is told and when forgets it syas, you never mentioned it. Convenient. All in all from school to teachers to curciculum to money......waste of every resource and your little one's growth. Never ever make a mistake of going to Gen NExt or you children defineitly will be the Gen Next whom no one will recognize.




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