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Lotus valley Noida Extension does not deserve to have even a single star. All teachers except few are very much incapable. Most of the teachers are poor in teaching and don't have teaching experience. If you highlight this, they will start shouting at you. Here is no extra curricular activities but the are changing for the sake of extra curricular activities. Your kid will always have lack of confidence and demotivated.


I do not want to give even a single star to this school since it will be an insult to star itself, still I had to because otherwise this page does not allow me to post my comment here. I deeply regret having chosen this school for my 3.5 years old son. I wish I had not considered infrastructure as one of the criteria as it turned out that infra is their only plus point. The kind of loving and sensitive environment toddlers(3-5 year old kids) need is completely missing there, in fact, this school does pretty good job in providing a scary and dreading environment to kids. My son cried and vomited for so many days there which only increased when he moved to nursery. As he was growing, he became little bit more able to narrate class incidents to us and that is how we came to know about attitude of teachers, specially pre-nursery and nursery teachers. Few of my son's narrations I am going to write here: 1> These teachers find shouting an easier way to pacify these 3-5 years old kids than hugging and loving them so that they become scared and afraid of teachers. 
2> Snatching water bottle away from these 3-5 years old kids as a punishment if they ask to go to washroom more than 3-4 times (since these kids find it difficult to remain seated continuously because of teacher's bullying nature or minimal class activities)(This I personally experienced as a nursery teacher snatched water bottle away from my 4 year old son saying if you would drink more water you would want to go to washroom more. That day my son returned home scared of drinking water in front of his teacher, saying "mumma I dont want to take water bottle to school as teacher would scold me", and when we checked his water bottle, he had finished hardly 10% of water).
3> Teachers instead of treating this sensitive age-group lovingly, pass comment on them saying things like: "Dont show your drawing to me, its bad very bad, go back to your seat!!"
I can keep on adding points here more and more based on experiences of myself as well as many other parents whom I knew there and used to talk with. The point is never ever go for this school if you are looking for sensitive and loving environment for your toddler. I finally cancelled the admission of my son and got him admitted to another school in Noida and my son has neither cried nor vomited even a single day here. He absolutely loves going to this new school and we as parents are also happy seeing our kid happy. There in Lotus Valley, my son never wanted to go to school and used to become very sad(and sometimes cry and vomit) also on security gate itself. SO never never go for Lotus Valley until and unless you want to admit your kid to some 5-star hotel with rude, bullying and insensitive staff.


This single star is only because the infrastructure of the school is pretty good, comparatively. If you forget that their library doesn't have enough books to fill the shelf. Because they don't, and they make sure to hide it in their pictures.  The school is a fake; everything in it is all for show. They have sections named after philosophers and gardens and constellations and god knows what else to make themselves sound amazing, but it's all fake. Teachers do not teach any better than a kid who can read, especially below the 11th grade. Honestly, in some classes all they do is read the book and make the students underline and then rewrite. The tests only check whether the students know how to memorize their notes in time, with every word in place. There is no student initiative, all clubs and school events are run by teachers who finally have the chance to dictate lesser powerful people's actions. If you want your child to learn to take care of themselves, this is not the school for them. They will be yelled at constantly for things like not cutting their nails, walking in the hallways and not eating their food in 10 minutes out of the 20 minute single lunch period that they get. The principal is a piece of work. She is rude and believes she is a saint. She acts like a nice lady, who is intelligent and considerate, but it doesn't take long for her to lose all that and behave rudely with people she doesn't like, including parents. She picks favorites among students and only pays attention to them. Her assembly lectures run so long, even in the summer months, making some students faint. After they faint, she begins to lecture the students on how they eat too many chips and need more energy like she used to have. All in all, Lotus Valley International School is not a good school. Do not send your children to this school if you love them. 


First, please don't be misguided by the impressive construction...because that's where it ends. The rest of it is a story of below par education, incompetent administration, false promises and egoistic and obstinate staff. Sub standard education is SOLD here...for those who wish to buy it for their children. Competence is a word not recognised in their premises. I deeply regret having taken the decision enrol my child in this Building even after educating her in the finest education institutions in the Country. A guilt that I will carry for a long long time..

Extra curricular activities are a farce without any coaching staff. Syllabus is not covered and children are burdened with 8-10 kg School bags because there is no thought given while making the time tables. In fact Teachers encourage unethical practices by guiding the children to mug up pages. School buses are in no one's control and do not follow basic traffic rules and safety norms.

Worst - feedback is received with angst. Emails with concerns or feedback will NEVER be responded to.

A real shame - this Building called Lotus Valley International.



I was in Noida for a couple of years and Lotus Valley was the first school we saw. Here is my feedback based on one meeting. A school where a senior administrators says in front the children/prospective students that since they are from US, they are "dumb" (exact word used) and there was no need to look at their performances. He went on to say, they may be able to "beat them" upto some sort of shape. Needless to say, my son's refused to set foot there any more. Just to mention, these kids have always been high achievers (in US and later in India, older one scoring 100% in Xth CBSE. For this older son Lotus Valley's response was he would end up in "mental treatment" if moving from US to CBSE. All this conversation happened with the boys sitting right there. That's is all I have to say.


Its one of the best school in Gurgaon and Noida.I have come across many parents from Noida who have 100% positive feedback about the school.They give a perfect blend of academics and extra curricular activities.


Lotus Valley is one of the worst schools in Noida, its all about Money Money Money, they keep increasing the Fees every quarter and the reason they give is "Cost of Leaving has increased". Its not about the fees, everyone is so arrogant in the school, the worst is the Transport. The teachers work there for money only, the kids don't learn anything useful. Only thing good in "Lotus Valley" is facilities and nothing else. I had my kid studying there and i took him out in the middle of the quarter itself. They have 2 faces, one so nice and pleasant until you join and the arrogant & unresponsive face after you join them. My strong recommendation is - "FOR HEAVEN SHAKE PLEASE DON'T PUT YOUR KIN IN LOTUS VALLEY" there are much much better schools to put your kid in.


i am a british parent with my kids in LVIS. my experience if the staff and management is petty rudeness. they are strict with the kids, very rude to parents and, in my opinion, an overpriced business with no true interest in the welfare of the kids. they are not really international as my kids have not had any help with Hindi despite repeated letters, call and meetings. the head and principal ignores us entirely and our children have become very unhappy with their self-esteem and confidence issues. if you are a foreigner looking for a good international school don't be fooled by their glossy brochures. it is NOT what it says on the tin! try kothari: it seems like a more child centred school. we are moving our kids there.


Lotus Valley is just another run of the mill school only costlier. It claims of international standards but none of this is true in terms of kids' experience. The teachers are okay, I haven't seen a teacher who is worth mentioning in terms of her involvement with the kids. The teachers do not form a good bond with the kids in some cases don't even know the kid. It's a total farce, apart from the centrally air-conditioned building there is nothing International about it.


Very good school. Level of all the teachers is same. very high on standars and quality. you can feel the same while talking to teachers. You can easily make out difference between a LV staff and other regular school teachers.


Lotus valley is a pure busines school, it doesnt have good staff or professional management, most of staff teachers are rude and behave like government school teachers, no responses, in extra curricular no attention is given to talents, teachers partially concentrate on students they want & principal is not interesed to listen toany parents...a very poor school priced highly


My daughter studies in LVIS. i am very happy with what she has been learning there. apart from academics, there are lot of co-curricular activities.. The atmosphere is also very cordial. Overall I am very happy...


Teachers specially ar reception are very very rude,No parents will like to entertained such kind of stricness with the children They should improve the atmosphere




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