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School was reputed at one point of time. Of late, the only thing school is interested is in to fleece parents by charging in the name of fees. While Apeejay, Delhi branches charge 17k per quarter, Noida branch charges 30k. On top of that, circular almost once a month asking for money for one head or the other. Heights when they asked 150/- per child for tiny tots visit to Mother Dairy and 150/- for visit to Fire station. With the current state of affairs, best not to admit your child in Apeejay.

No improvement in facilities. Morning sports coaching which used to happen a few years back, rolled back. Renamed as Interest Club membership with charges of around 5000/- pa. No power backup so children suffer in heat when electricity is out.


If we look at the amount of registration and total annual fees, they are not even providing the services at par. No provision for online submission, even results are just displayed on a notice board on a A4 sheet paper. At both of the events there was inconvenience,chaos and time was consumed. Also there was no professional way to provide registration no. and detailing for the further rounds. You have to either note down or remember. Looking at the initial departing of the information, not sure what are the methods are used to build foundation of the child.


Its worse. Now there are some sections that have 70 students. You cant beat the school buses that carry students on Bonnets and have some 90 in each. Go to their toilets and you will puke. Drinking water tanks are not cleaned ever. Instead of competing with better schools that have opened around the school is resorting to cost cutting. No maids/shared maids. No safety norms. poor values. God Knows whats happening here!


Sorry dear, the latest student-teacher ratio in this school is 54:1.


I didn't like the school at all, they don't have any modern ways of conveying information. It still follows the old method of sending circulars in children bags which gets lost most of the time. the student/Teacher ration is 40:1 which teachers find difficult to manage. There is absolutely NIL attention given by teachers.




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