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Guys, I am currently a student of grade 9. Most of the teachers and all the staff is very nice. There are some bad teachers who show favourism but these teachers are very less. Not all students are great as one was rusticated last year for swearing and calling the teacher with names in front of her. Although, that teacher was not any better(came for a substitution once). The school has a great infrastructure. I recommend highly for primary school but not so much for senior.I have been in this school for 11 years and I am only there because of my classmates who are very nice. There is one SST teacher you need to be aware of,she shows a lot of favoutism and you know who I am talking about if you are in the school. She won’t say anything in front of parents but will keep shouting in the class. A friend of mine left the school because of her.


My daughter completed her Kindergarten (K1&K2) here and I must say that she had built a very strong base. The school is not only good in extra curricular activities but also very good in academics. We had to shift to another state due to personal reasons but I would recommend this school for every kid. My daughter cleared all the 1st grade entrance exam (2hrs long) in every school where ever we applied. Teachers are so good and cooperative that you will feel a part of this institution. Methodology of teaching is innovative and not at all traditional. If you want your kid to learn with happiness.. Go for it! Proud ex parent of Kothari International School


I think we made a great decision by choosing Kothari international for my son. It’s a complete package for the working parents as the school has a very spacious day care and a sports academy. Daycare staff takes the kids to sports and bring them back.
In the school each and every child is given the same opportunity is the best part. The Grade teacher is so good that my son never wants to miss the school. It has a stress free environment.


Kothari International School is one of the finest, best and topmost schools in Noida. Good work ethics, positive environment, and best teaching staff add up to its quality.


I highly appreciate the tremendous efforts of teachers and kids of K1 H for such an outstanding performance in SLC. It was an awesome experience to see my daughter performing so well, teachers have amazingly organized the finger food party. Kids and parents enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Priyanka Khullar Mam.


Hello . Today we had a SLC party led by students of K2. It was excellent . So much improvement in my kid. Last year same month he was not ready to perform and was crying and this year he was not just dancing but singing and was even greeting parents to come. All credit to the teachers for their head work - esp Arti mam for her love and support to all the kids and parents . Excellent show!! 


Our kids are always special to us ,all we aspire for them is the never ending learning experience along with best in class safe and secure infrastructure.Having said all this, I take pride in my decision to let my daughter be part of the Kothari international school.Its been more than 2 years now since she started her journey with the pre nursery wing Kothari starz but it has been a never ending learning experience for her and pleasure for us.Watching her evolve from a little playful girl to a highly confident and intelligent individual makes me overwhelmed to thank all her teachers and KIS for the hard work and marvellous efforts they put in behind the growth of kids.Kudos to the Kothari international School,they are the best.


We attended the 1st SLC today at Kothari International School and are convinced with the fact that our kid is in good hands. The best part of KIS is that they are focusing on concept based learning and thoughtful communication. The way our child shared details of how to not operate mobile phone while driving or while it's kept at charging, at such a small age is commendable - Focus is on overall development and not only academics. The evangelism of our kid is already getting noticed socially and it will continue to illuminate the brand of KIS. He is currently in K1 and we are happy to see his enthusiasm on the concept topic. We are Indebted to KIS team for teaching what is necessary and appropriate.


This is my first review about any school. Honestly, I feel, this is the best way to show my gratitude for school. Our son just got promoted to Class 8. He had joined this school mid-session of class 3. We had relocated from Karnataka to Noida in Sept 2014. Since then he has been studying in Kothari International school. Our experience with school is exceptionally great, starting from first interaction with School principal maam. She was full of life then and now also. My son, Prince's journey has been enriching and with full of learning and growth. I can see him growing in all these years step by step. Every passing year has brought something new for my kid. He has got all kinds of opportunity to explore and nourish his leadership skills and co-curriculum activities. He has practiced in badminton and participated in inter-school competition. It would be injustice if I don't give due importance of class teachers and subjects teachers. PTM is really useful and teachers provide honest and constructive feedback which help the parents to understand their kids better and take necessary steps. I would like to take name of Mrs Sarika Ahuja, who was class teacher of class 7A in 2018-19 session here. She was the most sincere and outstanding teacher I have ever come across. Be it informal help or formal PTM, she always help us out with a lots of patience and experience. She is a true asset to the school. I can proudly say that, it's a good decision to put my son in KIS. By the way, my son was awarded 'All Rounder' for his excellency in both curriculum and extra curriculum. I am thankful to the entire teaching and leadership staffs of the school for bringing the best in my son. Regards Pratap Sahoo, ( IIT Kharagpur) Father of Prince Vardhan


I am a very happy and satisfied parent of two Kotharian kids. Today a spectacular Musical - Bharat ek khoj was showcased by Grade 2 kids n I wanna share that it was a mesmerising show. It was a seamless n flawless show n kids performed brilliantly. The teachers at Kothari are absolutely wonderful n they trained the kids in such a manner that the 6-7 year old kids performed as seasoned theatre artists n dancers. The vision of the seniors, the planning n practices by teachers n the execution by kids...what a team work... The beautiful way the kids leant the history of India n the way the are groomed by the school... a big thumbs up to all of you at KIS !!!


I am blessed to be associated with such a Reputed School since last 5 years. I have a very good experience of interactions between the staff of the school. All my queries have been heard and resolved.


Great school & superb management. All of the teachers are so kind to each child, truly encouraging each to their strengths. i am confident that this school has set a solid foundation for their learning path and that they have developed a true love for learning.
We have been associated for over a decade and kids are delighted with all the attention given on studies, sports , extra curricular activities. you guys rock. Keep up the good work.


Kothari International School is a place where my daughter loves to go daily. As a parent at I feel the school is the best choice for any parent who looks for the overall development of a child.I appreciate this school for nurturing her natural curiosity through the thematic approach and not by making her learn the old traditional ways. Kudos to the teachers also for making my daughter an independent worker and by not bothering her or us for things which don't really matter in the coming years.The environment of the school is not only child oriented but warm and friendly too.After an year in the school, I have seen a drastic change in my child in terms of knowledge and the overall personality. The learning at KIS for a child is remarkable. I am totally satisfied and feel that as a parent I've taken the best decision for the future of my kids. Keep it up KIS!


I have conducted a Quality Audit of Kothari International School-Noida, two years back. I was assigned this task by CBSE & Quality Council of India-Delhi. Hence, I have personal knowledge of all Parameters of a Quality School like Kothari.
 I Founded the Vishwa Bharti School in Sector-28, Noida in 1987 and know what running, managing & Administrating a school means.
My grandchildren are studying in the School for the past 8 years. I have interacted with teachers and Heads on occasions.
I always found that although attrition of teachers, change of Principals, Policy changes did effect the School; but it continues to be one of the best Schools in Noida.

The teachers are very hard working and caring, the School has a very good Leadership Team with Mr. Madhavan- Advisor, Principal and the Headmistress. 
Mrs. Neerja needs special mention for displaying patience and staying when all others moved. She is working under a lot of stress and yet has been result oriented.
There is need and scope for improvement but my hats off to all the teachers for the excellent work they are doing.
The School needs a Policy review of some of its decisions,like: ability section concept, No Text Books, Mess Menu, congenial environment for students & teachers.
I am confident that the Principal who is a dynamic Leader with very clear concepts will display flexibility and take note of Parents suggestions and view it as Feedback.
The School has to grow and people with open minds alone can do that. 
The parents also have a responsibility of helping the School to be the Best.


Please stay away from Kothari international school. Don't go by the infrastructure and rankings. I pulled out my two children. My children were in primary n senior wing. So I can give reviews on both . Pre Primary- Good points- lots of activities n exposure on stage. Personal attention by staff. Good nanny support. Bad - sometimes the food menu is not as per the tiny tots. The whole school eats the same food. So little spicy and not as per the likings of four year old. Grade1-5 Till grade 3, they have theme. Based studies. Looks very attractive when u hear it. End result - children have v poor reading n writing skills. Grade4-5 prescribed NCERT books without any reference books... So Maths book doesn't have questions that children can solve. So Kothari have the solution to make worksheet which children paste in notebook. This applies to other subjects too.. So buying expensive book set is not worth. Conclusion- this school lacks vision.... Does experiments on larger set of students. In the senior school- they have dropped the standard of books and are experimenting on teaching methodology. As a parent, I hope u won't like to see your child less proficient than students of other school. I understand we should not compare, but at least the students should be given the same exposure in academics as in other schools who charge just a third of Kothari. May be till grade 1 this school is O.k . Recently the school has become NIOS center. So during open school examinations, children are made to vacte the classrooms, library is sealed.. Why??????. Parents are paying huge fees... Students should use the facilities not Open school students. Kothari school is doomed!


Well, I'm actually a former student so I think I would have a better insight on what the school is like. If your sending your kid to the play school or any primary grades then its fine. They do a lot of activities and the teachers are good too. I know this from my siblings. But if you are planning to send your kid to grades 6 to 12 the PLEASE DON'T!I came to the school when I was in seventh grade from abroad and I did not like it at all. People are always saying India's education system is awesome compared to that of abroad. Ok I came from the US and the education system is pretty bad here already but when I attended Kothari it was worse! I remember when I moved back to the US I was dumber than everyone else.

Also the kids in this school are very discriminating. I think their wealthy lives have gotten to their heads. They used to bully kids with special needs and south Indians. In fact I was bullied for standing up for them. Yes the teachers do nothing about bullying. Thank goodness I moved back within two years!


My daughter joined the Play School and now graduating to K2 in Kothari. We are satisfied with the school,teaching approach,extra-curricular programmes, food etc. In fact my daughter was very picky about her food habits earlier. Now she eats almost everything. As she grows,i will be more concerned about the academic results of the school.Does anyone have any idea how was the past year's board results? The other concern is timing from class 1. Her bus will pick her at 7am and drop back by 4.45pm or so. She won't get enough time for her evening dance/skating classes that way. I feel the school should operate from 8 till 3pm instead of 4pm.


Kothari International School is one of the best schools in Noida and its rating in HT newspaper comes on 4th number higher than the other reputed schools in Noida. I have very good experience of the school.Although this is a new school compared to others they have grown up very fast and the mangement and the school staff is very courteous. Our son although 5 years old has got exposure in extra curricular activities. Every one has their own experiences but one should himself evaluate any school before going for the varied comments of people. Some may have bad experiences but that doesnot make any school 100% bad. Every school is striving these days to maintain their position.


we were a founder parent of this school then left it to go to Dubai 2 years before, have come back and did a thorough survey of school I highly recommend the school,it gives a all around development to a child plus it is better than many of the new schools in noida which have recently opened n have their nose high in the air a value for money school.


My kids have been going to KIS for the past two years and I have liked it so far. They care about the overall development of a child and not only academics. I would recommend this school.


I also agree this school is managed by business class people meant for business only, they know only business..no profession culture is there in school.dont go by is building, give ur child a future which is not there in this school


I came for admissions & had very warm & nice reception. Staff was extremely well informed, welcoming & openely gave details on school, tour of classrooms/classes in progress & school campus. This is a lot more than any other school offered. They also have a fair percentage of Western kids already enrolled in their school! Children are treated as children, not mini 'adult Encyclopedias'. They are given breathing space, space/time to develop, enjoy their younger years & have fun at earlier stages in life. School does not lay pure emphasis on academics in pre-school classes, kids are provided with all requisite teaching in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. At the same time, they have sports classes, dancing, singing & swimming; i.e. the school offers a full all-round curriculum, which will stimulate & nurture any child. I highly recommend the school to any parent still undecided, or looking for a pleasant, welcoming & good alternative.


We also not recommend this school to anybody. Management of the school is not efficient. So what you can expect from this school. Don't waste your money by admitting your kids in this school and please secure their future, choose some other school


The fee is too much, there is nothing so remarkable about the school. They charge for Air conditioned buses but never in summers there AC works. None of the teachers bother that children are eating the food provided by them or not. They charge 1200 Rs. and give sandwhiches most of the time or jam bread but the menu which they send is entirely different. Students know nothing comparatively to other school kids of the same class. Parents don't get attracted to the oasis pls. think twice before admitting your chid there. If you value for money you shouldn't throw your hard earned money in Kothari.


this school is good if u see the building.the staff at theschool is not good .standard of teaching in school is use less.students of class2 do not know how to write sentences.they say student teaching ratio is1=12 but actualy is 1=25 ontop of it they r not gems managed now




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