Are Schools Compromising on Values that they stood for

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dadi35 2011-04-23 16:43:28


I find most schools now only working as money making institutions. The recent example I have is Apeejay School Noida that has over 70 students in a class, over 90 students in a bus. Broken Furniture, dirty toilets, mosquito infested rooms. The principal moves in a clean shirt and tie to hide the filth that smells. On PTM days certain sections are closed so that parents do not see those areas.


Adhoc teachers at a salary of 8000 are taken and every one of them manages over 50 students. Tall tales and setting up everyone to fail is the best way to describe this school.

After the advent of better schools instead of competing on academic stregnths the school has resorted to cost cutting. There are no health and safety norms. Students drinl water from tanks that have not been cleaned for ever. There are no maids and the students are exposed to women from the slums who have no knowledge of handling kids.

The Principal is spineless, the head teachers are busy singing and dancing for the Berlia's and the teachers have no motivation to teach.

No carpenter in the school to repair chairs, see their toliets and you will puke. Computer labs old and closely guarded secrets.

God help the students!



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