Looking for a good preschool in Noida. Which is the BEST of all ??

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Eku 2010-10-14 11:20:08



Hii All I am soon moving to noida from pune. i have a two year old daughter and am looking for a good play school for her. Till now i have been to kangaroo kids , sec 34 and Mother's Pride sector 61.  Went to Windows play school also ..but it is closed till october 18th , 2010.    About Kangaroo kids.... i quite liked it.  it looked simple yet impressive with obviously no fancy things attached to it.  It has a proper school set up since it is being run within the premises of Billabong International School. Teachers were polite and ready to answer as many  questions we want to ask them.   Next i  went to Mother's pride , sector 61 noida. The school is quite colourful and has ample space for the kids to move around. In short they have everything that would attract thousands of parents. The counseller gave us these huge glossy brochuresand kept  speaking very high of  "Mother's Pride Brand" ( which i didnt  like).   Their fees is quite high.   Well as of now i have not  zeroed down on any of the schools.!! I have also been reading reviews of various spre/play schools in noida ...and to my surprise ..whenever i type " Mother's Pride"......i get to read many( well mostly)  bad reviewsabout it ...wherin parents have complaints about their teachers, maids, management  and what not...!!     Well i am still in the deciding stage but  yes i would say mother's pride has gone a little low on my list...!! hey u moms out there........tell me about other pre schools as well ..!! Does anybody have reviews/feedback about  Amiown(Noida),  Windows Pre School,  kangaroo kids. ?? It will really help me . Thanks all  

rawatlee 2012-01-20 21:47:55


so finally which school u chose?



saumya16 2012-02-27 13:03:35


I am also having the same opinion as yours.so can u guide me now.


Eku 2012-02-27 17:37:33


actually i am still in Pune...and did not move to noida.....!!




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