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DivsK 2010-07-28 17:15:27


Hi Folks,

As a mother of soon to be 2 yrs. old I am struggling with the task of finding a right play school for my little one. The idea of putting my kid in care of unknown people for hours itself is scary but have to do that. On top of it there are some really scary reviews of play schools that i got to read which has just added to my woes.

So here I am starting this thread really hoping that you all parents out there would love to share their experiences good or bad to help me make a right decision for my daughter and hopefully many others who read this post.

Let's try to focus here on play schools in Noida and Indirapuram. I have Mother's pride in my mind as of now and will be going to visit it tomorrow. So folks wait and I will come back with my experience.

In the meantime I am waiting for others to liven up this discussion with their replies

In anticipation.....Divs

bitto 2010-08-30 22:58:19


hey good play only and only little pearls noida sc.29


DivsK 2010-09-01 14:55:36


Hi babbitas,

I understand your anguish here, but do you ever remember in your school parent being allowed inside on a working day, I never have. Even when i once fell very sick in school, my parents were waiting at reception only to take me home.

I also went to MP, and was rather happy to see this behaviour of them. I understand with our kids being so small we want to ensure even the minutest of things, seeing a live class wuld be really good, but then a school is a school and not a marketplace.

After much of harrowing time I have put my kid in Mother Pride only and am very happy with my decision. Hell, they are expensive, but then I also see the difference as compared to other play schools.

I am no way promoting MP, just sharing my experience here.... I will be happy to share my experience further with the school if anybod has any questions.




 Former member 2010-09-02 01:14:55


I completely disagree with you Divs. It was just a simple request to see a live class and kids bfore sending my kid to the same. As a parent i have the right to see the clas rooms and the other areas wher my kid wud be spening time. I have already heard so many controversies revolving around MP, but the question is why MP only. Why not other pre schools. Dosent matter if they are expensive or not.

And talking abt market place, MP looks like a market place, with no decorum with teachers. All teachers/staff are dressed so casually that no body looks like if they are teachers/mkt staff/trainee/academic head or whatso ever.

and last but not the least there were no pre schools in our age. Children were just admitted directly in nursery or class I and yes i have done my schooling from a reputed convent school, wherein such hospitality industry rules n regulations were not bound on either of us.




Eku 2010-10-10 16:26:10


Hii All

I am soon moving to noida from pune. i have a two year old daughter and am looking for a good play school for her. Till now i have been to kangaroo kids , sec 34 and Mother's Pride sector 61.  Went to Windows play school also ..but it is closed till october 18th , 2010.  About Kangaroo kids.... i quite liked it.  it looked simple yet impressive with obviously no fancy things attached to it.  It has a proper school set up since it is being run within the premises of Billabong International School. Teachers were polite and ready to answer as many  questions we want to ask them.

Next i  went to Mother's pride , sector 61 noida. The school is quite colourful and has ample space for the kids to move around. In short they have everything that would attract thousands of parents. The counseller gave us these huge glossy brochuresand kept  speaking very high of  "Mother's Pride Brand" ( which i didnt  like).   Their fees is quite high.

Well as of now i have not  zeroed down on any of the schools.!! I have also been reading reviews of various spre/play schools in noida ...and to my surprise ..whenever i type " Mother's Pride"......i get to read many( well mostly)  bad reviewsabout it ...wherin parents have complaints about their teachers, maids, management  and what not...!!  

Well i am still in the deciding stage but  yes i would say mother's pride has gone a little low on my list...!! hey u moms out there........tell me about other pre school as well ..!! Does anybody have reviews/feedback about  Amiown(Noida),  Windows Pre School,  kangaroo kids. ?? It will really help me .

Thanks all





Eku 2010-10-10 16:30:33


hey finally which preschool did u choose for your daughter.?? by now she must have started going to school and hope must be enjoy..!! Do tell me your side of the story. Am very confused.



DivsK 2010-11-17 13:01:16


Hi Eku,

Given me being at Indirapuram and having a little less options than Noida, I have put my daughter in Mother's Pride. But you being at Noida, will have more choices to make decision.

I also read lot of bad reviews of Mother's Pride but that were primarily about all their pomp and show and ofcourse the fees. But for my daughter I feel that she has access to a beautiful and fully loaded play room with loads of educational and fun toys, a large play area, a presentation room where she sees cartoons and other stuff time to time.

I think these are the things I want from my daughter from a play school where she spends hardly 3 hours a day. She is out there to have fun, interact with other kids and learn to dream..... I think Mother's pride is doing a nice job with that.  And I am very excited about the photo album at the end of session which will have loads of photos of her a school.

Frankly, I am not too keen to put her in their school " Presidium" because at an older age theres much more that a kid needs other than all the co-curricular activities.

Hope this helps you.







MsKapoor 2011-03-04 16:31:14


Hi Divs & Eku

I am also looking for help on the day care kid is 1 yr 7 months..n i want him to join a day care....

plz suggest where should i consider...

I have visited Sec 19 MP & little scholar confused on deciding.

Are there any other options in Noida

Plz do reply




sanumi 2011-07-03 10:53:34


Hi folks

Please go to Lil pearls Sec 29 if you you dont care about your child & if you have loads of extra money everyday to donate to school.

Very very money minded people.

on Friday, they told my friend admission fee 5000/-, To me next day they told 6000/ but denied admission. The very next day they called up & agreed for admission but now admission was 7000/-. Also monthly charges UP from 3400 to 4000. The only thing they reduced was the time, earlier 9-6PM & now 9-5PM.

They earlier asked to not to charge for food if supplied from home but later we were supposed to pay for evrything even if we are providing that.

Only one person for 7-8 toddlers & that too mising for hours sometimes. I know this because my maid accompanied my child for almost a month. There was another maid of another child who was feeding other cildren not the employees & most of the time she was taking care of childern. Every one would rush up to the toddler room when my wife reaches the school.

The gaurd is supposed to make a call as soon as a parent comes down & make him/her wait until they are ready to present a cozy picture.

No different food for toddlers of different ages. My daughter caught up infection from the food. also the quality of food is really bad.

On the top of this they have only 1 ac in school for todlers room & when childern of higher age group have to sleep, toddlers are moved out in hot place as they cant tell parents anything. On enquiring the response is " we are not having any commitment for providing AC & also we are not charging for the electricity".

Most interesting :

My daughter intially started for 3000/- & 9-12AM. They had a maintenece for 10 days due to which school was supposed to be OFF. Now they are asking for fees even for that period.I agreed even that. later I received a call that we can accomodate your child if you take a 3500/- package(9-3PM) & even in that case your child will be admitted only till 1'O ck in the maintenece shutdown period. Now I guess everyone can see their greed for money.

The coordinators are so rude & arrogant that they think as parents cant go anywhere so lets not entertain them.

Finally I have opted out of school after paying for 1 month & lost entire admission fee but I think Its worth losing fees that your child's childhood.





mommy11 2011-12-05 07:41:03


 Divya ,


It is been a while since your daughter started going to Mothers Pride - what has been your experience ? Do share.




KopalK 2012-08-03 23:48:07


Hi...I am a mother of a yr old son and am looking for a day care..could you please guide me and share a feedback on little pearl? Your reply would be appreciated...Thanks
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SSSP 2012-09-06 14:04:58


Hi Kopal...Have U decided on itte Pearls Or Little Scholars? did u decide on nyting!! et me know for sure!!



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