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maky 2014-11-12 11:40:02


Dear All, 

I am looking for special education and speech therapy for my kid. 
He is a normal kid and till 2.5 years he completed all his milestones on time, however from 6 months we noticed a speech delay and started to stay aloof, the words which is used to speak now he is not speaking those. His school teacher asked us to consult Child Development Doc. we consulted Dr. Praveen Suman and She is diagnosed him with some Autism features and with development delay.  

Her recommendation is to go for Special Education, Operational Therapy and Speech and language stimulation. 
Can someone please advise us the best center in Noida or Ghaziabad. Who can help and guide us in this journey.


rajatjain 2015-06-29 11:18:52


Hi Maky, 

Did you receive any information on such schools/centres, i am also looking the same for my 4 yr old child.



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