Mayoor school

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me2108 2014-07-19 13:58:32


any feedback or reveiws about Mayoor School, Noida. How is its play school..............and fees structure...........

drrizvi 2015-03-08 02:11:10


Fee structure is always hidden. I would love to kno if the ask for money other than fee in mid session?

Sonu143 2015-08-27 15:16:53


I really don't know how the school is... Have heard about the school so went for nursery admission inquiry... I was so much positive about the school that yes I am going admit my child in this school as it is really near to my house and is a reputed school but all my positiveness turned negative after I had a talk with the receptionist of mayoor school.... No greetings, mannerless,full of attitude, and not at all ready to tell anything about the school as there admission process is going to start after 2 days... So I asked if she can provide me with the current fee structure so that I can get an idea of your fees...and she rudely said no...I am really not going to forget that curly hair receptionist and her way of dealing with parents... I also went to other schools of expressway...and felt so good by their way of greeting parents and entertaining them.. I know u can't rank the school on the basis of receptionist but she is the first person of the school whom everyone has to deal with... And if she is going to show such an attitude than this is really going to impact the schools reputation....


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