Children relocating to India from UK

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brightspark 2010-02-17 14:59:41


NRI parents are no different from the usual helicopter Indian parent who hovers around pushing the child, watching his/her every move.

"Had you been in India, you wouldnt have had it so easy" is the usual refrain of NRI parents, kids are tired of mentally telling them-"But I am not in India and I work bloody twice as hard as my classmates"

I too believe kids will work harder, learn more and will have a thriving dynamic and competitive environment, when we go to India in 6 weeks time.

But I worry too. Will the teaching methods overwhelm my kids who are not used to being spoon fed and being asked to learn by heart. Will the competition suppress their potential or will it bring out the best in them.

I wonder.

anumin 2010-02-18 01:32:44


Same boat here. We will be moving to India in next term from UK and it is the teaching methods and very competitive world at young age that I am perplexed about. My 11.5 year old sounds pretty sure that he doesn't want to head out of here all said and done and we are having a hard time getting his heart into the move. Wonder what it will be like...


seesaw 2010-03-10 17:28:36


same boat here.have you moved or yet to move.are you moving to chennai which part ?have you chosen the school.which is the best school in annanagar .do kids pick up cbse syllabus.have you sorted out admission


anumin 2010-03-11 18:16:46


We have not moved as yet but already put in fair amount of committment by not opting for secondary school of our choice (selective). Son is beginning to yield but his heart wants to be here, but then he knows only one side at the moment. We will be moving to Gurgao, near Delhi and have couple of schools in mind. We have spoken to one of them and it appears admissions are fairly probably. Even if it is not the best choice it gives us an option to start with it and consider moving to another one if necessary in later year. How about you?


seesaw 2010-03-12 13:06:21


we have not moved.we are thinking this april or son will in 5th this september.I am thinking whether I can give a try for grammar school or go now..still in children like to move at age 10 0r 11yrs to they find it hard to settle there.


radha1010 2010-06-05 23:45:54


Hi all,

We are going to relocate to Cirencester,UK as my husband has got long term assignment there.I would like to know about the schooling system in UK.I am not able to gather much fm the internet.Where do u all people send ur wards to school?A goverment one or private schools?What r the fee structures?My daughter will complete 8 years in oct'2010.Any information will be really helpful...

Thanks in advance,




rala 2010-06-06 01:57:37


Hi Radha

Here are my few  cents worth of information:

1) state(govt) schools where education is free is the most widely used form of education in the UK. You get admission into schools depending on where you live as schools have their own catchment areas and teh local authority(equivalent to municipalities in india) have control over the local schools

2) private schools : about 8-10% of schools go to these schools and they tend to be quite good although they are expensive.

3) given that you are going to cirencester, i would think state schools there are good, as state schools outside big cities(london, manchester etc.) tend to be good.

4) here is a link of schools in cirencester; you might want to check the ofsted reports (these are govt agency reports) on how schools are in tems of pastoral care, academics etc.

hope that helps




radha1010 2010-06-06 11:00:22


Hi Rala,

   Thanks a lot for ur information.It would really help me.






amitpathak96 2011-01-01 18:18:33


Hi All,

I seriously need help and advice from you. Having been in U.K for most part of last decade, I'm finally planning on going back to India. Probable destinations - Mumbai or Pune.

I'm really nervous about getting my 2 kids (5 & 8 yrs) into a local school there. With different curriculum available (icse, cbse, I.B, etc.) what is most compatible with the U.K system that offers a near-bumpless transition to the kids? Any ideas? I've also heard that teachers in India are not too friendly and soft-spoken as they do in UK...

Am I too late to get admissions for the school year starting in June 2011?

Please feel free to drop me a line at Perhaps we can also connect up on phone to discuss ideas and information??




amitpathak96 2011-01-01 18:21:13


 Hi Anumin....have you done any research on getting your child to a suitable school in India? Which part of India are you planning to move? It would be nice if we can catchup to share information....


brightspark 2011-01-02 02:06:35


Try not to worry. Take your time in choosing a school usually ICSE with International Bacclaureate certification. Ask around, find out which schools children enjoy going to and which ones have values such as no homework until class 4, what is their method of testing, do they have counsellers in school, do they pay their teachers well, are the teachers well trained, what extracurricular activities do they offer, apart from usual concerns about how far the school is and whteher the children will have company in their building.

Have you watched the movie Pathshala. Even if 50% of what has been conveyed is correct, you will be able to judge yourself that marketing is very aggressive in India and what looks good is not always good.

But all said and done, my 8 year old landed up in a school where teachers slapped children and even though it made him scared and negative initialy, at the end of 3 months, his hand writing was much improved, he made creative projects, he had made lots of friends, said he felt more at home than in UK and enjoyed having a laugh and a joke about the strict teachers with his pals.


ashhu 2013-01-12 03:37:49


I m also moving back to India from America after 6 years.

Can any body pls suggest me some good schools in Noida and Faridabad... and what is the procedure if we come in between May and June...will schoold take huge amount from us when they wil hear that we are coming from U.S...


nikki70 2013-01-12 14:52:04


Hi Ashhu,

Iam moving from UK into Noida region by this month end and Iam into all this at the moment as both my kids has been in school in UK only . I would def. share my exp with you and hopefully might suggest schools once I am able to shortlist some :) Its a really tough process and giving me nightmares ..Hope all will be well..




ashhu 2013-01-13 04:54:07


Thanks Nikki....R u moving to Noida???  I heard a lot abt Somerville school in sec 22..and they are now opening their international school too.  Studies are so good there ....i will definetely try there....pls keep me updated abt ur kids school ...thanks



sandhy 2013-03-07 16:17:28


Hi anumin,

I am not sure if you have moved from UK.  We are contemplating to move in this May.  I have 11 year old son.  Did your son get adjusted to the system there??how did he cope up with the languages? Appreciate your quick response please





smtn 2013-04-29 01:44:45



We are planning to move to TVm this year from UK. My daughter is seeking admission in Year 9 and my son in Year 2 .They have never been in Indian schools. I'm particularly concerned about my daughter as she is in higher class.Would you all please share your experience about relocation?Have anybody tried their kids being relocated in higher classes,please share your experience.


AnubhutiShubham 2013-04-29 16:24:29


Hi Ashhu, nikki70, sandhy,

Have you guys moved back already ?

We are looking to move back end of July, when the term ends here.

I have a 6 year old & 8 month old. I am not worried about the baby, but the elder one would need to step into school. He does not understand hindi, and has been in a fairly relaxed environment here. I am much worried.

Any feedback from you would be great.




ashhu 2013-04-29 18:56:01


Hi guys..

I m moving from U.S. in starting of when i will reach there i will update u what is procedure in schools over there, what they ask daughter will go in grade 6 and my son will go in grade 2 anybody knows abt good resedential areas in Noida where apartments are in good condition with all facilities and rent would be fair....I m interested in DPS School and Somerville... Hope my kids will get admission over there without any hassle...


Noida1 2015-11-16 17:04:16


Hi, any respondents to this thread moved to Noida? I am planning to move next academic year and am confused with choice of schools. Would love to hear which school did you all settle for ? Thanks in advance.

Robby85 2019-08-02 23:16:45


Where r u relocating???


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